Thursday, December 4, 2008

Coming To Life - Page 1 completed

There is not much news here to tell. I'm still pretty busy, and next week won't be different to that - which means I won't manage much stitching at all. My parents come over from Europe and I want to have the house in good shape. Girls are leaving for a trip to Europe next week. Saskia and Melanie did great in their exams. Melanie has finished school now too, last week was the official graduation. Next year she will go to university to study economics. Just as her older sister does, but at a different university. Melanie hopes she'll get a place at the university close by so that she doesn't need to move to Melbourne. After all she is only 17 years old. Anyway, they both had their exams, and both did great - and are looking forward to visit family and friends in Europe. They will stay in the Netherlands and in Germany and will be back in January. And I will miss them dearly. Not the mess they ship with

Coming to Life - Page 1
On stitching front I finished the first page of "Coming to Life". One done - 15 more to go.

Nex to stitch will be something for a Lizzie Kate exchange. And there is another exchange I signed up for - and seen the little time I have AND that we'll go on vacation in January together with my parents, I might do that one after the Lizzie Kate stitching. I would hate it being to late for an exchange.

For the rest I was playing around the last 2 evenings with my blog layout. And I messed it up Took me AGES to get it back as I wanted it. And I'm still not able to use the layout I wanted in the first place. Oh well, I might give it another try. Can't give up that easy can't I. So if you're coming along this blog and it looks silly, don't worry, it's just me goofing around. EDIT TO ADD: Finally succeeded after changing the html code. And I'm not really good with that. Which means, if someone has trouble with seeing this layout, please drop me a note.

The doorbel just rang - and I'm dancing here my happy dance. There are couple of charts around where I know for sure that I want to stitch them sooner or later. One of them is a chart from Mystic Stich, called "White Lilies on Red" - which is a chart from a painting of Vicky Horat. Because there wasn't any hurry yet and I was waiting that Mystic Stitch releases their downloadable charts, I didn't buy it. Last time I visited their page that pattern was GONE. Wrote an email and got told the contract with that artist expired and they couldn't sign another one. Can you imagine how hard I kicked myself in the butt for not buying that pattern when it was available???? I went then and had all over a look if I could find that pattern ANYWHERE - if need even second hand. But lucky me - I found it at Nordic Needle. Bought it immediately - paid a fortune for costs of sending. And it just arrived. I'm so happy about that. And what did I learn...if you know you will stitch a pattern sooner or later - go and get it, it might be gone otherwise!