Sunday, October 25, 2009

Update on Manhattan

Most stitching was lately for "Manhattan Wonderland" which I have troubles to stop with. Finally I love every stitch again and look forward to the evening to sit down and stitch.

AND (insert a happy dance here)  I received the chart for "Christmas at Hawk Run Hollow" and will start that soonish. The  fabric is already sown to the scroll rolls, and the threads for part one are ready and sorted too. I ordered a beautiful 25ct Lugana in the color "Vintage Marble Country Mocha" and will use this. Because I never stitched on 40ct I tried that on a small piece. I have a fat quater of Light Examplar 40ct floating around. But decided after only couple of stitches that stitching over one on 25ct flows way easier off my hands. For 40ct I need a magnifier and have to be careful not to miss one of these tiny threads. 25ct is easy to see, and needs way less concentration for me. I rather do something small on 40ct first. But who knows, may be in couple of months I at once love working on 40ct. Things tend to change from while to

3 weeks ago I started another travel project. One of my kitted up ones which was patiently waiting for its turn. It's a scissor pocket. Nancy started stitching it as well, and she finished it now couple of times to give it to some friends.You should have a look here at her fantastic color choices. I'm not using the original colors either, but chose a mixture of Threadworx and Gentle Art threads

 A Token of Love
Designer Barbara Bernard

On the knitting front I finished another square for the Aran Afghan. This one is designed by Ann Strong. And I still haven't started to put the squares

 And because I was tired of my wool floating freely around while knitting- and because my Jack Russel Lucy AND my cats thought that was purely to pleasure them - I made a "Caddy" as it's offially called. I call it a sown bucket...LOL. The plan was to put a hard bottom into it, but I decided against it and leave it as it it. This way I can easy put it away next to my seat. I also store smaller stitching wips in there.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Back in Manhattan!!!

Sometimes an old love is better then anything new. While dabbling what to start next and since Christmas at Hawk Run Hollow is not here yet, not being able to make any decent decision, I pulled up my good old "Manhattan Wonderland" and fell in love again with it. Have everything laying here to start a LHN for my Christmas stitching, but simply can't put Manhattan away. Oh well, who cares. At least I have fun stitching again.

I also knitted another square, this time the Janet Martin square.  And I *should* start sewing these squares together. Because I do not like hand sewing. And sewing together 24 squares - followed by the huge edging, gives me now already night mares. So I better start week (may be).

And lastly there is a sewing update. I made a knitting needle roll. Looked through all online patterns and made then one up that I liked. Plus I added some padding on the main body (not on the flap). All by all I'm a happy camper with it. And I might make something too for my circular needels. Saw a really cute one that suits my needs.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Coming to Water ...FINISHED!!!!'s done. It's finished. And I'm SO exited. Finally. Now I'll wash it and next week it's off to the framer. With a bit luck it will hang at the wall in no time.

While sitting here now since 30 minutes trying to say something staring at the screen...I give up. "Coming to Water" is washed meanwhile and hangs to dry. And  I'm brain dead today. I do have that sometimes - even more when something big is finished. While being overly happy it leaves also an empty spot - which I will fill in NO time But right now I can't get my brain into working gear nor to get myself moving to do anything. May be I should have a look into my charts. That is something that tends to cheer me up. 

Hmmm....what should I start next?
  • Mary Wigham? I have all my supplies gatherered already. Found a MOST beautiful variant from a French stitcher, and will copy her color choices - sort of. She used DMC while I'm going for Threadworx.
  • Christmas at Hawk Run Hallow? <---it's a must be. It's gorgeous. Chart will be sent my way somewhere next week. Not sure yet if I will do it on 40ct over 2 or on 25 or 28 count over one. I have to try out 40 count first (never stitched on that) to see if it's just as easy as on 25ct over one. I will most surely take the one that flows easier of my hands
  • Alla Turca from Pelin Tezer- love it
  • Floral Sampler from the Sampler Company - another one I'm deeply in love with - everything here to start it.
  • Letters from Nora (G, M and S) hmmm...not all supplies here yet, so that has to wait a bit
  • The Stitching Chair
  • A Scenic Farm (will replace the 18ct Aida with 36ct linen)
  • Amsterdam by Thea Gouverneur
And there are more in my stash waiting for me to start them. Lots of little things I bought thinking I MUST have it and never started it. Until I decide which one to start I'll grab my Manhattan Wonderland. It's about time that that poor bugger gets a bit attention. I could also go into my craft room to sew something. Or clean the house? Sigh...I might well do just that.

Oh...and I have also an update on the knitting front. I finished the Jay Campbell square. It was a very interesting square to do. Stitching a square while stitching 4 sides from the outer end to the inner one. Was new to me, and I loved doing it.  Another one that dearly needed blocking to look good.