Saturday, September 8, 2012

Ellen, Emma and Susan

Ellen, Emma and Susan - three lovely pieces, one is finished, one is started and one is going to be started...

 Ellen Birdseye
Designer: The Goode Huswife
Fabric: 40ct PTP Plus in "Sand"
Fibers: Gentle Art
 All colors of Ellen got changed. I got some inspirations on the internet from Siobhan, Lois and Melissa, but ended up doing my own thing.  Ellen is charted for DMC but I replaced all with Gentle Art, added the red and mixed some up differently. All by all I'm pleased with the result.

DMC 611 - Old Hickory
DMC 612 - Chamomile
DMC 931 - Old Blue Paint
DMC 3012 - Grasshopper
DMC 3371 - Espresso Bean
Red - Mulberry

And then there is Emma - finally started. And with me not being able to resist, already a part of the satin stitch filled in. Shouldn't have done that, I might have to frog it at the

Emma Miles
Designer: The Scarlet Letter
Fabric: 36ct Vintage Cornsilk by Lakeside Linens
Threads: AVAS silks

Another thing I couldn't resist is taking part in the SAL for Susan Singleton by the Scarlet Letter. The SAL will be over 2 years with reporting back every 3 months. Begin September should be showing a floss toss. Because being a bit too late, I just ordered the supplies and have to wait until it arrives before I have something to show....
Fellow stitchers are  Terri, Deb, Sandra, Marsha, Margaret and Suzanne

Finally framed is a finish from 2009. It took a while before I really wanted it to hang at the wall. When painful memories become fond memories, it's time to hang it up :)
This piece will always remind us for various reasons of my late FIL.
The Grand Marquoir
Designer: Isabelle Haccourt Vautier
stitched over one on 25ct Lugana ToiToi from Country Stitch 
with Threadworx "Stepping Stones", DMC 310 and Rainbow Gallery Petite Gold

Speaking of loosing someone dear. I don't talk often about private stuff. But I have to tell you how thankful I am for our little Ashley. Most cavaliers get failing heart valves over time.
Ashley sadly has this badly and at too young age -  since 1 1/2 years she is in the state of heart failure. The state of her heart gave her a maximum survival of 1 year - 18 months ago

BUT - you would not believe that when you see her. She RUNS, she jumps, she is quite active and very happy. Noone really believes it, until you  put your hand on her breast. People normally fall quiet then and look at me with disbelief. Her heart doesn't feel like a heart beat at all.
Medication and in her case a daily 6km walk keeping her alive far above all expectations. Better said, I do the 6km - she does at least triple that amount. Running, chasing rabbits, chasing kangaroo's, chasing leaves, jumping, swimming,  and what not. And after each walk her cough is gone. It slowly builds up again during the rest of the day, as water builds up in her chest...but the next morning....she'll runs it off somehow.

This girl has beaten all odds and is still continuing to do so. One day her luck will run out, but right now we enjoy every day and take it as a gift.  We passed the stage of being sad, we are just very thankful that she is such a happy little girl and that she is still able to enjoy every day to the fullest. 

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Conversion for Wisdom Sampler

As promised here is the conversion from DMC to Needpoint Inc Silk (NPI) for the Wisdom Sampler
The chart itself is no longer OOP. Vermillion Stitchery has decided to make it available again and it can be purchased and downloaded on their website

The Wisdom Sampler
Designer: The Vermillion Stitchery
Fabric: Lakeside Linens 36ct Magnolia
Fibers: my own conversion to NPI silk 

The file above looks bad to read, but if you click it, it will open in new window and you can save the picture file. The picture file should have a good quality.
I also created a key legend which is basically an edited form of the original key legend. The DMC numbers are erased and replaced with the NPI numbers. I checked it with the designer, and am allowed to post the legend here.
If you're interested in downloading this file, click and safe to your computer :)