Friday, April 22, 2011

Amsterdam update and other things :)

As said last time...I lost a color for Amsterdam. In addition to that I ran out of a color. Which never happened to me before. And no answer to any of my emails from Thea Gouverneur or whoever works for her. That they don't do a thing of a lost color, ok, that's my fault, but running out of a color already, that's rather uncommon. And shouldn't happen for a rather pricey kit.
To say that I wasn't thrilled is the understatement of the year. But then I thought...I don't have the time nor the patience for that type of negativity in my life.

I still thank the day where I bought a DMC color card with real thread. I sat down (for 2 days!!!) and matched each and every of the 124 colors (125=braid) After that it was easy to determine the missing color. It had to be DMC 640 or 642. 642 was another symbol already so it had to be DMC 640. Phew.
Oh...couple of days later  I found the missing color back...LOL. Doesn't take away I ran out of DMC 839 though.

If anyone stitching this design ever runs out of a color and into the same problem of non existing customer service, give me a shout. I'll be able to matched them all.

Enough of that....I managed to put a few stitches in it and will enjoy the rest of this beautiful design

There was one thing that really brightened up my day: a darling ornament sent to my by Elisa. Her stitching and finishing are just gorgeous. LOVE it. I was her partner in the Hooked on Exchange Quaker ornament round and was very lucky she got my name. :)

A Snowman Quaker Christmas
Designer Midnight Stitching
Stitched by Elisa

My ornament went to Anne, whose favorite color is blue :)
Taken from Quaker Scissorpocket
Designer: Barbara Bernard
Fabric: 32ct Belfast Country Cream
Thread: Threadworx 

Lastly, I stitched a little design and am for once clueless how to finish it. Normally things do "speak" to me and while doing I find somehow the way of finishing, embellishments etc. But this one refuses to do so. I love it, but don't know how to finish it.
Do you know normally before hand how to finish something, or do you keep it a bit open like me and things "speak" to you as well? Or am I just plain

Among the Berries
Designer: Homespun Elegance
Fabric: 35ct DMC linen
Threads: Threadworx, Gentle Art, Crescent Colors and a tad of DMC

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Back home!!!

After 6 weeks in New Zealand and having had a great time, we arrived back home last month. And still not back much on the internet. My computer has serious issues and Michael is going to fix this hopefully soon. It's getting rather annoying.  Thankfully I will have a brand new computer soon :)

Stitching wise I'm having a tad of bad luck lately.  I took a kit with me on holiday  and  prepared that quite well by making a plastic sheet for the color coding and the such....and managed to loose that. LOST IT. Which meant the end of stitching during vacation. I will go on with this one on our next vacation. That's how far I came...

After that I went on with knitting and finished 2 pair of gloves of which I forgot to take pictures before I gave them away to my aunt and my MIL. And a pair of socks for myself....

After homecoming I went on with working on Amsterdam which is still my favorite. And next bad luck struck. I'm completely at a loss how I managed it...but I did. I lost a color!!!! I searched everywhere and anywhere to no avail. It's gone. And I can't simply go and replace it, because I have not the slightest idea which color it is. To protect her designs Thea Gouverneur doesn't say which color the symbols are. This is utterly devastating and rather stressful. I wrote an email to Thea Gouverneur and really really hope they will tell me what color the lost symbol is. Here is an update on Amsterdam...

Finished couple of ornaments as well....

 Red House in Winter
 Designer: Little House Needlework
Fabric: 32ct Belfast Light Mocha
Fibers: DMC and Crescent Colours
Pear Tree
Designer: Little House Needleworks
Fabric: 32ct Belfast Country Cream
Fibers: DMC + Delica Beads

Another ornament I made (TWICE) but cannot yet show because it's for an exchange. That was my 3rd time bad luck. After finishing it, and putting it together as ornament, I cut the edges and com-ple-te-ly blotched it. Cut so close to the edges that it started to unravel. It's held together now by glue and only will stay so if not
No way I could have sent that off. So I had to stitch it again.

Can only go up from here can't it? (crossing fingers