Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Update on Charlotte

Not much news here. Busy with all kind of things, packing, watching tennis...and Charlotte is still the one and only.

 Charlotte Clayton
Northwest Sampler Guild
36ct Lakeside Linen Vintage Sand Dune
recommended NPI silks
Please excuse the folds, but I was lazy and just let it hang down . The fabric isn't that blotchy looking. It's a shadow. In all honesty, the shadow spot comes closer to the real color.

I have a thing with birds. Isn't he just gorgeous?

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Under Charlottes spell

Since I started this sampler, Charlotte Clayton is the one and only I'm working on. Although there is a bit of  muttering coming from the craft room at the back of the house, where I think Frederick is complaining a bit about the lack of attention to his already finished partner Fredericka.  But yeah, you know how men are, they always have something to mutter. I rather stay in the lounge with Charlotte and we're having some fun together.

Here she is. Glad that the over one stitching is over and done with.

For the rest there is not much new to tell. It's hot on some days, pouring rain on others.  We're busy to get everything ready and done by the end of the month  because on the 23rd of January we'll take the caravan and hit the ferry for a month of vacation in Tasmania. Really looking forward to that. Tasmania is new to me and I think it will be beautiful. A month of hiking.

Taking with me "Christmas Garden" by Blackbird Designs :) - if I don't change my mind...lol.

Anyway, gotta run. Charlotte is calling, and she can be rather impatient at times. So I better go and play a bit with her.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Do you do New Year Resolutions?

 Do you? I normally don't. And if...I normally fail in no time. I hate it to be restricted.

BUT...to give it at least a go,  I had a look in my basket of (partly) kitted up projects, and I think I might own a tad more then I can finish.
Blackbird Design:  – Loose Feathers Autumn, Summer, Winter (this one will be soon added!) – Christmas Garden,  Winter Wonderland, Anniversaries of the heart , Summer Basket, Awake the Dawning Day
 The Drawn Thread – The Marriage of Minds
 Scarlet Letter – Emma Miles 1848
 Plum Street Sampler – Turkey Love, Sergei, Boris Olga
 With Thy Needle and Thread  - Feather Thy Nest
 Rosewood Manor – Spring Quakers
 LHN – several 2010/2011 ornaments, The North Wind, Home of a Needleworker, Let Thy Heart be Merry, Neighborhood
 Shakespears Peddler:  Jenny Bean Christmas Sampler, Jenny Beans Friendship Sampler, Jenny Bean Halloween Sampler, Home Springs Eternal
 The Sampler Company:  Birds Sampler, Sweet Humility Sampler,  Floral  Sampler
 Carriage House Samplings: Black Willow Farm, Her Sampler, Molly
 Examplars of the Heart: Fancy Tulip
 Victoria Sampler: Jingle Bell Tree Farm, Where Stitchers Gather
 With My Needle: Pair of Pincushions
 Sheepish Designs: Ewe Alone
 Vermillion: Wisdom Sampler
 Betsy Morgan: Tiny Treasures
 Nora Corbett: Letter M and S
 Goode Huswife: Elizabeth Easton, Bird Keeper,  Ira Ray, Ida May, I the wed
 La d da - lazy alphabet, oh birdy,  and another small one which just fell back into the pile and I’m not gonna after it!!! Probably a bird of some sort
Couple of others, I don’t care at this point Somehow the pile got mixed up and I put all of them beauties back in the basket. My husband is wrong and I am NOT a hoarder!!!! I do COLLECT.

Oh, and and this doesn’t cover what’s all hidden in my cabinet. All the charts that happen not to be kitted up (yet).  We won’t talk about these won’t we? We stay friends…right?

Which means my resolution for 2012 should be that  I should stop buying charts, buy less charts and not kitting them up, be just a tad more sensible in my purchases!!!! Yeah, I can live with that - I think. I can be sensible (at times),
Insert a sigh of relief, and I found a New Years Resolution I can live with.  The sun shines again.

Speaking of  sun. It was SO hot here, wasn't funny anymore. Which meant I stayed under the airco and played with Charlotte