Saturday, September 8, 2012

Ellen, Emma and Susan

Ellen, Emma and Susan - three lovely pieces, one is finished, one is started and one is going to be started...

 Ellen Birdseye
Designer: The Goode Huswife
Fabric: 40ct PTP Plus in "Sand"
Fibers: Gentle Art
 All colors of Ellen got changed. I got some inspirations on the internet from Siobhan, Lois and Melissa, but ended up doing my own thing.  Ellen is charted for DMC but I replaced all with Gentle Art, added the red and mixed some up differently. All by all I'm pleased with the result.

DMC 611 - Old Hickory
DMC 612 - Chamomile
DMC 931 - Old Blue Paint
DMC 3012 - Grasshopper
DMC 3371 - Espresso Bean
Red - Mulberry

And then there is Emma - finally started. And with me not being able to resist, already a part of the satin stitch filled in. Shouldn't have done that, I might have to frog it at the

Emma Miles
Designer: The Scarlet Letter
Fabric: 36ct Vintage Cornsilk by Lakeside Linens
Threads: AVAS silks

Another thing I couldn't resist is taking part in the SAL for Susan Singleton by the Scarlet Letter. The SAL will be over 2 years with reporting back every 3 months. Begin September should be showing a floss toss. Because being a bit too late, I just ordered the supplies and have to wait until it arrives before I have something to show....
Fellow stitchers are  Terri, Deb, Sandra, Marsha, Margaret and Suzanne

Finally framed is a finish from 2009. It took a while before I really wanted it to hang at the wall. When painful memories become fond memories, it's time to hang it up :)
This piece will always remind us for various reasons of my late FIL.
The Grand Marquoir
Designer: Isabelle Haccourt Vautier
stitched over one on 25ct Lugana ToiToi from Country Stitch 
with Threadworx "Stepping Stones", DMC 310 and Rainbow Gallery Petite Gold

Speaking of loosing someone dear. I don't talk often about private stuff. But I have to tell you how thankful I am for our little Ashley. Most cavaliers get failing heart valves over time.
Ashley sadly has this badly and at too young age -  since 1 1/2 years she is in the state of heart failure. The state of her heart gave her a maximum survival of 1 year - 18 months ago

BUT - you would not believe that when you see her. She RUNS, she jumps, she is quite active and very happy. Noone really believes it, until you  put your hand on her breast. People normally fall quiet then and look at me with disbelief. Her heart doesn't feel like a heart beat at all.
Medication and in her case a daily 6km walk keeping her alive far above all expectations. Better said, I do the 6km - she does at least triple that amount. Running, chasing rabbits, chasing kangaroo's, chasing leaves, jumping, swimming,  and what not. And after each walk her cough is gone. It slowly builds up again during the rest of the day, as water builds up in her chest...but the next morning....she'll runs it off somehow.

This girl has beaten all odds and is still continuing to do so. One day her luck will run out, but right now we enjoy every day and take it as a gift.  We passed the stage of being sad, we are just very thankful that she is such a happy little girl and that she is still able to enjoy every day to the fullest. 


marly said...

Sounds like she has a life with much love that many dogs are not blessed with. I hope her morning runs continue for a long time.

Laurie in Iowa said...

Your sweet Ashley looks so very happy... I hope your long morning walk/runs will continue for a very long time.
I love everything you're currently stitching, plan to stitch or have completed.

Ellen said...

Love Ellen Birdseye, gorgeous! Love your new start and the coming SAL too!

It's great that you are enjoying with Ashley!


samplerlover said...

Your Ellen Birdseye conversion looks lovely Gabi. It is a really lovely sampler. Ah looking forward to seeing Emma come along. Another one on my list. I am sure that we are going to have a lot of fun doing Susan - Sandra.

Nancy*Glory Bee said...

Love your stitching. Nice floss colors on Ellen Birdseye. Cute pup too. Nancy

Giovanna said...

Congrats on the lovely finish, and enjoy the new WIP. I'll have fun watching this grow and the SAL too. I'm sure it's also lots of love that keeps Ashley going :-) She's very cute.

Margaret said...

Wow, that is amazing about little Ashley. You obviously take really good care of her. And you getting that walk in is good for you too, so it's great! I hope she continues to live a happy life. I love all your projects! Your Ellen Birdseye is beautiful! Love the colors! Emma Miles -- didn't need to see that. lol! She's gorgeous! I have her waiting for me, of course. One of these days. You have pushed her up the to do list for sure though. And Susan Singleton. I can't wait for my supplies to arrive!!! Your Grand Marquoir -- wow!! Over one? Just gorgeous! I wish I could see it in person. I love over one. Wish I had the tolerance to do it more often. Great post!

Catherine said...

Sweet Ashley!! Good for hr that she loves her walks!! It sounded funny to me, chasing after kangaroos, only because we don't have them here, and it made, me giggle to picture her doing so!
Love all of your stitches ~ finished, in progress, and ready to start!

Zlata said...

Gabi, your Ellen is gorgeous!!!!
And new SAL is very interesting!

Deb said...

That is great news about Ashley. You must take such good care of her and she looks so sweet. I hope that she continues to have a healthy and long life.

I love your Ellen Birdeye's finish and your conversion is wonderful And I'm anxious to see more of your Emma Miles. And I can't wait under we all get started on Susan. She is such a pretty sampler and it's going to be fun with all of us stitching her.

Vickie said...

Your stitching is so lovely! Oh sweet Ashley. What a wonderful, beautiful gift dogs are from God. Our Mabel has permanent herniated discs in her back and she too is young, only three. She is limited in her jumping. We are trying through medication to keep her happy for a good, long while.

Анна - Зонт said...

Sweet Ashley! Good news about her!
We could give our love to our dogs, and they make us happy )
Ellen is gorgeous!
And I love your new start!

cucki said...

aww cute ashley..
your stitching is so pretty.
love x

Charlene ♥ SC said...

There's some beautiful stitching you've done - and started - and plan to do! I believe love (ours and theirs) is a big part of what keeps them going.

Cardygirl said...

Beautiful stitching...what a lucky pup to be so loved!

Chocolates4Breakfast (TerriBoog) said...

Your Ellen turned out beautifully, Gabi! Emma is going to be a beautiful piece to watch grow and I can't wait to get started on Susan. I ordered my fabric in plenty of time for the planned Sept 1st start but alas, it has not yet shown up. So - you're not that far behind!
Your Marquoir is stunning!

Jennifer said...

Gabi, your finishes always amaze me. Oh how I wish I could stitch that fast!!!

They are gorgeous.


butterfly said...

Beautiful Ashley, I know what you are going through my Poppy is now into her 19th year and now and everyday is a blessing, I now know we have not got long together she has been such a wonderful friend.

Your work is so beautiful, and you always pick the most wonderful charts, oh and your lovely SAL I am already stitching 3 of them but would have loved to have joined. hugs.

Siobhán said...

Awww, your little Ashley is just adorable. I think I told you that last year, Duffy started having seizures and my heart nearly broke. The vet said that it was a heart murmur and he's been on a tablet that he gets daily and, knock on wood, no seizures since. Please God you'll have your little Ashley for a long time yet!

LOVE your Ellen! Lovely start on Emma, too.

Bonnie Brown said...

Your Grand Marquoir is wonderful!

Joke said...

Eyecandy you show us! And be happy with your Ashley, I hope you enjoy her company for a long time from now.

diamondc said...

Ashley survival is also due to a loving Family she and you are lucky to have each other, wow what a touching bit of information, I will keep Ashley in my prayers.
I love your Ellen stitching what a lovely piece, you are taking on a great SAL what a beautiful piece this will be when finished.
Thank-you for sharing.

Lois said...

Love your Ellen, your colours are great and what a nice start on Emma. Such a nice SAL you're going to be taking part in.

I hope Ashley is with you for a long time to come. What a sweetheart!

Chris said...

Hey Gabi!
I love your Ellen finish and your Emma start. They are such wonderful pieces. I love the satin stitches and would have done the same.
The framed piece is stunning.
What a lovely pup.
Hugs to you and Ashley.

The Merry Stitcher said...

I'm so sorry about Ashley's condition. She looks so content and loved and that's what matters.

Your needlework is always so beautiful. I'm such a fan.

Kelly said...

Your stitching is beautiful.
Ashley looks so cute!

Carol said...

Wow--you've sure been busy, Gabi!! Your framed piece is stunning--nice to have it to remind you of your FIL. Lovely stitching all around :)

Ashley is so sweet--glad to hear she has beaten the predictions. Hopefully, she will be with you for a few more years. She is obviously very well-loved and cared for... Give her a hug for me!

Sally said...

Love your gorgeous finish and your new start Gabi.

Ashley is so sweet.

valerie said...

Beautiful Ellen Birdseye finish! I like your conversion! And wonderful start on Emma too...the satin stitch looks great on those flowers. Ashley is beautiful...I am glad that you are able to have this time with her.

*fiore* said...

YOUR BLOG Is beautifull

Brigitte said...

Schöne Namen und wunderschöne Sampler. Glückwunsch zu einem weiteren fertiggestellten Werk. Und viel Spaß mit den anderen beiden.

dixiesamplar said...

How blessed you are to have Ashley with you, and how blessed is she that she has such a loving family to care for her!

Your recent stitching pieces are drool-worthy for beautiful!

Meari said...

Your samplers are beautiful, Gabi. Ashley is such a sweet looking pup. Is that you in the pic with her?

Kathy Ellen said...

Gabi, Ellen Birdseye is just beautiful, and you have two more wonderful samplers in Emma and Susan. Your little Ashley is darling, and what a blessing that she has managed to do so well. Praying that you have many more happy days with her.

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

What gorgeous samplers. I'm so pleased you feel able to hang the Marquoir on the wall now. It's lovely to have pieces which bring back happy memories.

Ashley is such a cute doggy, sounds like she keeps you fit too! Long may she keep doing so.

Just Me and My Shadow said...

I love Ellen Birdseye. I hope your little doggie continues in good health for a very long time.

SoCal Debbie said...

Your stitching is beautiful. Susan will be lovely. It's great that you walk your dog everyday, and you get the good exercise, too!

Evelyne said...

Wat is " The Grand Marquoir" van
Isabelle Haccourt Vautier toch leuk om te borduren. Ik heb inmiddels vier vakken af.
Ik zou ook graag deelnemen aan de Sal van Susan Singleton. Ik vind het een prachtige sampler. Ga je hem borduren met silk?
Heel veel plezier met de steekjes!
Fijn week-end, Evelyne

Dani - tkdchick said...

Wow your dog is amazing! Your dedication too. I was saying just the other night when I loose my dear black cat hunter I'll be devastated.

Tour finish and framing is wonderful. Your new start looks colourful!

Nancy M said...

Gorgeous stitching as always! The framed piece looks just amazing and I'm sure will always hold a special place in your hearts. Your story of Ashley is so special. She knows the love you have for her and is enjoying every day with you. Good for you for taking such good care of her.

Anne said...

Beautiful Emma and Ellen! Love your choices of samplers! I saw that many of you are going to SAL Sarah Singelton! She'll be wonderful to watch grow!

So glad Ashley is running and beating the odds!

Marie said...

First let me say that Ashley is beautiful. I do hope that she continues to surprise you and continues to run, run, run for a long time! Pets are truly a very special part of our lives...I get it!

Your work is always so beautiful and you certainly do tackle some large designs...I am always so impressed.

Thank you for my HOW Hometown exchange, I love it...just sent you an email.