Saturday, November 8, 2008

Hawaiian Mandala - busy with part 12

As the title says already, I'm still busy with part 12. I'll show here one of the corners. Part 12 has 3 little seacreatures stitched over 1 and a fully beaded turtle swimming in shimmering water. There will be heaps of Swarovski crystals added when finished. Pity enough that has to wait until the end because I have the fabric on scroll rods.

The middle of the turtle is free to choose. Meaning, that there is no recommended crystal for it, but it's up to the stitcher to personalize it. I tried out several options, and have some more beads and crystal coming. After trying out I figured that I or want there a dark pearl - or a swarovski crystal in the color Montana AB. But not the 8mm cube. I ordered 6 mm round beads in that color and also 6 mm cubes. And I found a great deal on Swarovski pearls and got pearls in 8 colors.

Here you can see one corner of the mandala

Part 12 - first Corner

And here 3 examples of the turtle. The "circle" of crystals are not attached yet, but I simply laid them down and added then 3 different center pieces. I will do that a bit more serious after the crystals and beads arrived.

What else was I up to lately? I sent off a Christmas Ornament for an exchange. And I goofed around with my blog. Which was actually quite a lot of fun. And I am oh so tempted to sign up for another Christmas exchange - stitching a card and sending it off. I LOVE exchanges, but I promised Mike I would start "Coming to Life" as soon as possible. AND...grrrr....that garden is calling loudly. I really need to give that one my main attention. {sigh}


Sadie said...

Every time I see this piece, I am amazed all over again at how beautiful it is. You are doing a great job. I would not have the patience!

Carolyn NC said...

So beautiful, Gabi! I'm going to be asking you questions, I know, in the next year or two, when I start this piece. However, I HAVE to stitch on my mom's piece first, which is fairly large, so it'll just have to wait. Yours is just so gorgeous, Gabi! - a true work of art.

Missy Ann said...

Everytime I see your HM, I love it a little bit more. I really need to finish my MMV so I can start HM. I know I could start in now, but I'm trying to be good.

I love your turtles and all the pictures you posted with the differenct options look nice, none of them has really grabbed me yet. Good luck with all the new sparklies, I know you'll find the perfect one.

Anonymous said...

That turtle looks realy glamorous with all the beads! I think my preference would be the Montana cube - or something very blue in any case. Great job Gabi!

Meari said...

HM is so beautiful, Gabi. I enjoy watching your progress.

I've tagged you. Check out my blog.

Nancy said...

Gorgeous colors in this one. Still amazed at the amount of details that she puts in these!!! And HAPPY BIRTHDAY TODAY!!!!!

Gabi said...

Thanks Nancy, but it's not my birthday today. My birthday is on the 21st of November :)