Sunday, February 22, 2009

Biscornu news

Since my last blogging I didn't have the time for a lot of stitching. I started and finished a biscornu for my mother. She fell in love with the Cherry Blossums Biscornu from The Sweetheart Tree, and I made that for her. It was finished just before they left.

Cherry Blossoms

My parents are now back in Europe and hopefully my father's health will become better. It's still a worry.

Stitchingwise I'm right now busy with 2 Quaker designs. Because one of these will be for an exchange (can't make up my mind yet which I can't show you any pictures.

On a more sad note, the fires I told about in my last post were worse then I had thought. 209 people died in the fires, and there are still some people missing. 1800+ people lost their houses. From our town and nearby villages we mourn the loss of 21 people.

They got the man who is suspected to have lit the fires in our area, and he got whisked away direction Melbourne after people started gathering in front of the police station. I don't think it would be very healthy for him to be here. There are a lot of people who lost their loved ones, their homes and belongings, their animals. There are so many people traumatized by what they saw and heard. And the pictures of the surviving wildlife are heartbreaking also. There are not much survivors there though. The ones who did survived are wounded and in need. Koala bears who are instantly tame - needing the help of humans, drinking water out of a bottle. It makes me so sad to even think about them.


Lou's addictions said...

I was heartbreaking hearing of the fires there... I cant believe someone would be so evil as to deliberatly start fires in the hot weather you guys have been having, never mind natural bush fires being a danger.

I'm glad your dad is doing better and back home, I hope his health continues to improve

Kathy said...

Your biscornu is absolutely gorgeous. Your stitching is fabulous. I hope your fathers health continues to improve. And I pray the the land and animals heal and recover swiftly.

Nancy said...

This is such a lovely pattern, I have been tempted by it as well and I can see why your mom loved it! I hope that by your dad returning home he will do what is best for him. But you can have peace knowing you did your best for him. Those fires were awful and I saw several clips that were truly terrifying. I thought of you every time they were on TV. I hope your country heals soon.

Dani - tkdchick said...

The news about the fires has been just awful.

That biscornu is just gorgeous!

Cindy F. said...

Beautifully finished biscornu.

I'm deeply sorry about all the horrible losses where you are. It breaks my heart to hear about all the pain, lives lost, homes lost..and those poor animals. You are all in our thoughts.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful biscornu, Gabi!

It was so sad to hear about the destruction in your country.

Carolyn NC said...

It's all so sad about the fires - so sorry about it all. Glad your Dad is doing better. Biscornu is really pretty!

Aussie Stitcher said...

I hope that your Father's health improves now that he is back home. The fires have been horrific, and to think that they were deliberately lit makes me feel sick. I love your biscornu and watching your progress on your wips.

Carolyn NC said...

Hey Gabi,
I passed an award to you - check out my blog. :)

Louisiana Momma said...

That is so sad to hear about the people and the animals.. all that loss created by one foolish human being.. I don't blame those people for being angry and if it were me I would probably be in that angry mob too.

On a lighter note, your biscornu is so pretty.. I haven't done one like that with the beads on the seam yet. yours is just exquisite - no wonder your mom loves it :-)

WendyJo said...

The biscornu is absolutely lovely Gabi. I hope your father's health keeps improving as well.

I am so sorry to hear of all the loss that has been suffered in your area. What an awful act for someone to do to others. I will keep your country in my thoughts and prayers through this difficult time.

Jean said...

I am so sorry for the devastation that is occurring from the fires. How sick the person is who started it. It's hard to understand. I know everyone is praying for you and all affected by this disaster.

I'm sure your mother will just love the biscornu with the added gift of thinking of you every time she looks at it!! It's truly gorgeous. Your picture is so much prettier than the stock photo. I'd love to make it! I've never made a biscornu - I should put it on my "to do" list (and make a to do list!!)
I'm sure your father feels more comfortable in his home. I know that is hard, but it is probably what is best for him right now. I hope his recuperation is speedy and uneventful
Hugs are sent your way.

Michele said...

What a gorgeous finish! Your finishing is perfect!

Meari said...

That's a beautiful biscornu, Gabi. Congrats on your finish. :)