Thursday, August 27, 2009

My first cube!!

May I proudly present my first No Sew cube. The only change to the instructions for it was that I put the cube on feet. Without them it was slightly wobbly and I do not like wobbly.

Prairie Schooler - Country Seasons - Summer
Designer: The Prairie Schooler
Design: Country Seasons (Summer)

Did I btw ever mention that there is a hate-love relation between me and bows? . Even if my life would depend on it, I can't create any of these fancy bows - which highly frustrates me, because I want to learn that but I'm somehow too stupid for it. I look at a video, looks simple enough, try it, doesn't work out. Ok, back to the video...try again....mine looks like crap....look again at that darn educational video....and of course it doesn't work. That repeats quite often. At the end I'm completely frustrated, husband, kids and even the animals have wisely removed themselves out of the danger zone, I grabbed the stupid ribbon, angrily did something with it...looked at it, and thought...hey...that doesn't look too shabby. For my doing it's close to perfect. I whacked inserted immediately the pin through it and on it went. Yes, I saw that a part of it looks like it needs a fix up. No, I won't touch it. Believe me, with my luck with ribbons it can't get better. PLUS...that the ribbon finally looked ok, brightened my humor up immediately, and my family is really keen to keep me like Besides I have no idea what I did to finally get a nice ribbon done - which was btw NOT the ribbon I was trying to create...LOL. But shhhh....we won't tell anyone won't we????? (I would be careful with my answer if I was you!!!)

Ohhhh....and I got today a book. After drooling about "The Great Amerikan Aran Afghan" (thanks to Di and Gio!!) I finally gave in and ordered that book too. The book arrived today and I'm getting a bit exited. It's long long years ago since I knitted last time.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

A new toy!!!!

Last week finally the flower frog arrived that I bought from Canada. Mind you...I'm not complaining. It arrived in record time. It ONLY took 2 months to arrive here. And "only" is not a joke. Normally it takes 3 to 4 months to arrive here from Canada. Something is wrong in the postal system between Australia and Canada. If I order something from behind the last bush in the middle of no-where of anywhere in the world it will be here in a max of 4 weeks - except

BUT...never mind....I still buy from Canada. They do have some great stuff and I like beautiful things. Like this gorgeous flower frog. It was worth the wait. Can't get that here, and the seller did pack it beautifully safe so that it survived the long travel. Filled up with (most) of my favorite scissors.
I would have posted a picture of it earlier, but I can't find 2 of my favorite scissors, which I packed safely away. VERY safely. Can't find the buggers anymore, that's how safe they are right

I also finished part 3 and part 4 of the Grand Marquoir. End of this month part 5 will be released :)

Thanks for the nice words about removing the red spots. It would be great if removing would be possible. But I'm afraid that might be quite difficult if not impossible. I'm using hand dyed floss and the fabric only getting a bit damp at places was already enough for the color of the floss to run. You can't wet the fabric between the stitches without getting the floss wet. And damp is already enough to get it running. I made a picture of the biggest spot. Now where I have stitched quite a bit more up it becomes somehow less visible. Who knows how much it still springs in the eye once the stitching is finished. If needed I can drip a couple of drops of water on it to make it look as if the red spots were Who knows, will take a while until it's finished anyway.

Monday, August 17, 2009

An overdue update

After a period of non blogging - not really much stitching - not much time on the internet - I'm slowly in the process of getting back on track.

First of all today arrived the HoE Summer House Exchange piece that Marie W stitched for me. She made a wonderful design and finished it into a foto book. I'm absolutely thrilled and LOVE it.

Summer House Exchange

Thank you very much Marie. I really LOVE it. It's beautifully stitched and finished. A real treasure. :)

The Summer House Exchange piece I created for Shay has arrived at it's new home as well. I stitched "Season of Growth" from Little House Needleworks for Shay and mounted it on a self designed stitching book. It was fun to stitch and I also to create that book for her.

Book for Shay

Other then that I mainly stitched on the "Grand Marquoir" by Isabelle Vaultier. To my upper disgust there came some rain drops on it and the red thread made couple of red spots. First I thought of throwing it out. But then I realized that first of all I had already put lots of hours in it, and secondly that was the only piece I had the patience to work on at the moment. There for I'll find a solution. Right now I think of dripping couple of more drops water over it when finished. At least I'll have red spots then all

Grand Marquoir

Ohh....and I attended a craft show. Which happened to open on the same day as my father in law underwent a surgery. Wasn't that far from his hospital. That surgery took quite some hours and instead of sitting there and biting nails Michael and I decided to go to the Melbourne Craft Show instead. Great way to pass the time and great way to get your mind thinking about something else. I was a bit taken back by the huge amount of people attending there. I won't go next time on the openings day, that's for sure. Because I don't really like crowds there was a lot that I didn't see in the end. Went there to purchase ONE quilting ruler and ONE more rotary cutter. Thank god I had my husband with me to carry all the stuff I bought. Found a really really good deal and went home with quilting rulers in all sizes, a huge cutting mat (A 1), bought that rotary cutter and couple of other cutters too while I was at it, some thread for Mary Wigham sampler (which I decided of course meanwhile to use different, and some other things.
Ohh....did I mention that I'm not a quilter? But that has of course nothing to do with These rulers were a great deal after all. And I am a collector at heart - plus I have a craft room. Plus - it took off our minds and that was worth it.