Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Couple of finishes and a sick puppy :(

First of all, an ornament exchange I took part in. 
This is the ornament Marie stitched for me. Isn't it gorgeous? I put a pair of scissors next to it to show how small it is.Such a delicate stitching, and perfect finishing.

 Designer: Birds of a Feather
Peace Angel
stitched over one on 32ct linen

The ornament I made for Carla:

Designer: Fancy Work
Design: Jingle all the Way
from 2009 JCS Christmas Ornament Issue
Fabric: 36ct linen from Silkweaver in the color "Purely Primitive"
Dinky Dyes Silk and Silk n Color

Frederika is finished... and waiting for me to start her man so that she won't be lonely.
Designer: Carriage House Samplings
Design: Frederika
Fabric: 40ct Lakeside Linens Vintage Pearled Barley
NPI silks

The vacation project got finished as well....
Dimension kit " Scenic Farm"
Artwork from Mildred Sands Kratz
Cotton floss on 18ct aida

After coming home from Germany,  my husband and I took the dogs and went up the coast  for some fishing and walking. Of course we treated both dogs with anti tick drops. Sadly that didn't work. Ashley got 3 ticks, and barely survived that. Because these ticks were paralysis ticks, and they do have a rather deadly result for dogs. Only an anti tick serum might save an infected dog. We had to rush Ashley to the vet were she got the serum and was hospitalized. Being back home for now, she is still sick, has still trouble breathing and walks as if drunk, but she will recover. Although it all has worsened her heart, because from now on she needs daily medication for her heart. :(
 A very sick little cuddle bunny, with chopped hair to make sure there are no nasties left behind

Someone else also shaken by the events and missing her sister

Sadly my online time is still limited. Although I do enjoy reading all blogs on my bloglist, I mainly do that from my phone. But I plan to somehow find some more time to sit at the computer and leave some comments on the gorgeous work I drool daily over. :)


Bertie said...

Oh Gaby I feel for you with your sick puppy and hope puppy feels better soon:)
Your stitching is fabulous, the winter scene is spectacular and Fredirick is so colourful:))

Bertie said...

I meant Frederika of course:)

Ineke said...

I hope the little dog will recover soon. So sad to see pets being ill.
Frederika is beautiful.

Lisa V said...

You sure have been productive with your stitching. Lovely finishes!
I hope your little dog gets better soon.

And This Little Pig said...

Gabi so happy to see you back, you did get a lot of stitching done in just under 8 weeks, your blog heading photo was the first thing I saw, obviously, and it is beautiful. Frederika is stunning, all your stiching is. Hope Ashley continues to improve, will be thinking of her, just so glad I don't have to worry about ticks, flea's are hard enough. Again look forward to seeing you round more.
LiBBiE in Oz

Margaret said...

Oh your poor puppy. :( I hope the poor thing recovers soon. I love all your stitching! The exchanges are wonderful, and Frederika is gorgeous!

Nancy said...

You have done some gorgeous stitching Gabi! I love everything. I was so sorry to read about your puppy. I hope she continues to recover.

Evelyne said...

Hi Gaby, ik ben blij je weer te zien in blogland! Wat een mooie borduurwerken heb je weer gemaakt, echt prachtig!
Ik hoop dat Ashley gauw beter wordt!
Fijne dag en hoop tot spoedig!
Lieve groetjes, Evelyne

Carol said...

Aww...such a sad photo of you pup, Gabi--I'm sure you wish you could do more for her than make her comfortable. Hopefully, she'll be up and running around with her sister very soon.

Lovely exchange pieces by both you and Marie and I just adore that new header piece you've stitched--what a perfect winter scene.

Do hope things calm down for you very soon and you get more time for yourself...

Chris said...

Dear Gabi,
I am sorry to hear that you have been having such a difficult time. I am sorry for the loss of your Mom and now having to take care of your sick baby. I have been thinking about you.
Your stitching is beautiful.

Ma Teakettle said...

Oh Gabi, poor poor Frederika, my prayers and thoughts are with her for a full recovery...and many hugs being sent to her Mama and sister :)Paralysis ticks sounds so frightening!

Your finishes are gorgeous, as well as your exchange gift.

Please keep your friends posted on Frederika's status...we all care and are here for you all :)


Lesleyanne said...

Gorgeous gifts sent and received. Lovely finishes. Hope your puppy continues to improve.

Nancy M said...

You've been a busy lady!! You've finished some gorgeous things! How did you cut the form for the Jingle?? So scarey about Ashley! I had never heard of ticks that could be so deadly. It must be an Australian thing?? I hope she continues to improve and starts to feel back to her own self! I haven't posted a blog entry for 5 weeks, but if you have time stop over to my Multiply site and check out the 6 ornies I stitched and finally finished!!!http://ndmurdock.multiply.com/photos/album/171/2011_finishes

BrendaS said...

Gabi --
Glad to see a post from you! Your stitching is all beautiful. Love Fredricka!

Hope your little pup starts to feel better soon. Poor baby.

Take care.

Laurie in Iowa said...

I'm so sorry your sweet dog is so sick. The ornaments are beautiful as is your Frederika.

Joke said...

Oh poor thing! I hope your dog recovers soon!

Kate said...

Wow you have been busy stitching - lovely update.
Sorry to hear that your puppy is poorly - hope things improve soon.

Hazel said...

Oh Gaby - good to see you back - if even for a little bit. So many lovely things you have been stitching and getting. Love the jingle ornie. The vacation piece is gorgeous as is Frederick. Awww your poor dog! We have been thinking of getting a Cavalier King Charles but we are only thinking about it - no decisions have been made yet. I never knew ticks could do so much harm!! x

cucki said...

oh dear..i hope the sweet dog feel better soon..(hugs)
i love all your stitching so much..great exchange gifts..both sent and received..
love for you xx

samplerlover said...

Glad to see that you are back and sorry to hear about your lovely little dog. Ticks are horrible things. I had one on me for a few days and didn't know I had it years ago.

All your stitching looks wonderful and I also love your Winter scene. Lovely. - Sandra.

Giovanna said...

It's good to see you posting again, and all of your stitching is just lovely. I'm so sorry for your pup - I hope she'll soon be better.

Theresa said...

What a range of wonderful stitching!!! You have been very busy!!!

I'm so sorry about your puppy and hope she'll recover soon.....

Cindy's Stitching said...

How pretty they are. Sorry to hear about your families loss. Have a blessed christmas.

valerie said...

What a scare! Poor Ashley! I hope she makes a full recovery. It's very nice to see you posting. Frederika is gorgeous!

Catherine said...

Oh, your poor pup! I do hope things are getting better. How scary!
Lovely exchanges!

Ellen said...

Poor Ashley, hope she feels better soon!

Your stitching is gorgeous, especially Scenic Farms! Looking forward to your start on Frederik.

Lovely exchanges!


Aussie Stitcher said...

I hope that Ashley recovers soon. I love the ornaments.

Cristina said...

I hope your mum is doing well in this hard time for her.
I wish your dog recovers completely - I have 2 and know how it feels, as if they were our children.
Beautiful finishes.

Shelley said...

WOW!! You have some beautiful finishes...congrats. I love the ornie you recieved. It looks so small and delicate.

Sorry to hear about the sick puppy. I hope he recovers well. Our furbabies are as close to our hearts as our people babies. I know what you must be going through.

Is that a King Charles Spaniel? My BFF has one and she is a handful.

Penny said...

Such sad news about your little dog. Hoping she recovers soon.
So many beautiful finishes to look at! I love Scenic Farm. :)

Meari said...

So sorry to her about your puppy :( Poor guy.

Your finishes look great!

Lois said...

Oh, your poor pup. I hope she feels better soon. Good to see a post from you. What nice finishes and the exchange ornaments are lovely.

Ann at Beadlework. said...

Lovely stitching photos, it's nice to see you back. I do hope your lovely little dog gets better soon, it's so upsetting when a pet is unwell.

Lynn said...

Awww, poor pup! I hope she recovers soon. It must be very upsetting for you to see her like this.
Your stitching is all so beautiful. Scenic Farm is a really lovely piece and I've always loved Frederika.

Anne said...

Beautiful exchanges Gabi! Frederika is gorgeous too!

So sad to hear about your darling puppy. So hard to see them ill. Sending love and hugs to you and them.

marly said...

Lovely finishes. I feel bad for your pup and never knew that some ticks could do that. She's still lucky to have such caring and responsible owners. Hope she recovers soon.

Siobhan said...

Awww, poor little Ashley!! I hope she feels better soon.

Your stitching is beautiful! Congrats on the finishes.

Brigitte said...

Wow, Gabi, you were doing some awesome stitching. I love Frederika. she is still in my stash but I have the intention to start her or her man next year. And I particularly love the farm scene, oh my, such a beautiful design.
I hope your dog will have recovered soon.

Carol's Stitching said...

Beautiful stitching Gaby. I especially love the farm scene. How horrible for your pup; hopefully he makes a full recovery and feels better soon. Now you get to find new, interesting stitching projects to enjoy. Happy Stitching!

Pumpkin said...

WOW, OH, WOW have you ever been busy stitching! All your projects are beautifully done :o)

I'm SO sorry to hear about your puppy Gabi :o( I do hope she recovers quickly. ((((HUGS))))

Katherine said...

I'm just catching up, but you've been on my mind (wondering how you're doing). So glad you're home. My God, those sound like awful ticks! My son was hospitalized a few years ago with a tick-borne illness; they (the ticks) can just be dreadful. Hoping you ALL do well.

Sally said...

I do hope your puppy gets better soon and makes a full recovery.

Both ornaments are gorgeous and I love Frederika! Gorgeous colours.

Love the winter scene.

Berit said...

Gosh, what a pretty post! I love the ornaments, and I must say that I never realized Frederika's inner border is a different color from the outer! It looks really subtle and lovely. I have had these charts in my stash for a while now; maybe I should treat myself to a little kitting up on one of them for christmas! :D

Also, sorry to hear of your pups' health problems; how scary! I am glad to hear you were able to get them care from a good vet.

Hannah - City Stitcher said...

HI Gabi - your ornaments are lovely, and sorry to hear about the ticks. I didn't even know such things existed. Hope you have a lovely Christmas, and you get a bit more time soon.