Tuesday, November 13, 2012


First things first...here are the winners of the give away

The North Wind: Krista

Home of a Needleworker: Kaisievic

Spring Quaker: Lisa V

Jingle Bell Xmas Farm: Margaret

There wasn't much stitching lately...only a bit progress on Emma Miles

The main reason for this lack of everything is me becoming a zombie. I NEED my sleep but not getting much lately.  My little Ashley's heart is starting to fail her. Something we know would come sooner or later. And after years of happy sleeping under my bed, she doesn't want that no more. When things go haywire, it frightens her and she needs to be close, and will wake me up. And being worried,  my sleep became that light that even a bit of  snoring will wake me up to check on her. And believe me...lol...Cavalier King Charles Spaniels do know a thing or two about snoring.  You could call them experts.

Here a picture how we spend our nights together these days. Excuse the blurry in it, but at 5.30 am I'm not able to concentrate on anything but to pop the first tablet into her.  At least one of us is having a good night sleep :)