Saturday, March 21, 2009

Alpine Season Garden framed - Update on "Coming to Water"

Finally - it's framed. If framing wouldn't be that ridiculous expensive I would have done it earlier already. But it's SO worth to safe up the money and have it professionally done. Our framer and his wife both do stitching themselves and know how to treat needlework. I gave him free hand for the matting and I'm pleased with the result.

Alpine Season Garden - Framed

The plan was to hang it up today, but then we got called for an emergency to my in laws and ended up spending quite some while in hospital. Where we're heading now to also.

On stitching front I finished page 7 of "Coming to Water", and started stitching an exchange piece. I also found finally the perfect fabric for the Dragonfly Boudoir Box AND am in the process of kitting up "Manhattan Wonderland"

Coming to Water - page 7 finished

And there is also some good news. My youngest daughter turned 18. And she is partying since couple of THANK GOD today is the last day of that. We're expecting a quite large group of youngsters who (thankfully) will head direction pub around midnight. Here a picture of the happy girl

Melanie's 18 th birthday


Carolyn NC said...

Happy Birthday to you DD! Alpine is beautiful! That mat is just perfect and so nicely done. Well worth saving up for. Great progress on you Coming to Water, too. Hope everything is ok with your family.

Rene la Frog said...

After seeing your framers work I want to send him all my finishes or maybe bring them downunder LOL.
Alpine is just perfect and will look fantastic on the wall. Coming to Water looks great, nice progress.

Happy Birthday to your daughter. Bet you have to use a bat to keep the boys away. She is really a looker.

Hope things go well with you FIL and will keep him and your family in my thoughts and prayers.

Missy Ann said...

I adore that framing, what a beautiful job your framers did.

And Happy Birthday to dd & many more!

sales said...

Alpine Garden looks fantastic! Wonderful framing. Happy birthday to your DD.

dianemi said...

OK since I know I'm repeating myself (lol mainly because I posted on the Chatelaine BB too), I had to come in here and tell you how beautiful ASG is. The frame and esp. that mat... WOW. You've got a wonderful framer Gabi and your stitching is absolutely beautiful! Hope your daughter had a wonderful birthday.

Lou's addictions said...

What a great framing job.

I sincerely wish your in laws well, we are going through some illnesses with in laws and close family too. I will keep you in my thoughts.

Sadie said...

Alpine looks great framed Gabi. Happy Birthday to your DD. Hope she has a great day.

Emily said...

Alpine is absolutely fantastic, looks even better with the frame. The african piece is looking good as well.
Congrats to your daughter for turning 18, yeah, she officially and adult. Scary huh.

Debbie Jo said...

Happy Birthday to the birthday gal! Your framer sure knew how to show off your lovely work, Congrats!! Coming to Water is really coming to life.

Please know your family is in my thoughts and prayers.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Alpine looks absolutely gorgeous! What a perfect frame and mat job! LOL, if only he lived close, I'd be sending him all my stuff, too!

Coming To Water is coming along so nicely. I love the way that looks.

Congrats to your birthday girl, and I sincerely hope everything turns out okay for your family.

Cindy F. said...

Beautiful framing!! Wow!!
Amazing progress on your wip:)

Happy Birthday to DD!!

Hope your family is ok!

Kelly said...

Alpine looks absolutely fabulous, it's one of the best stitched Chatalaines I have seen!
Happy B'day to your DD!
Coming to water looks so good Gabi!
You are a very talented stitcher!
Kelly ILCS

Jean said...

It's always a delight to see your stitching - framed, too! It's gorgeous!! Where will you hang it?

Your daughter is stunning! You do beautiful work in lots of areas!!!

Best wishes with your family illness. It's so hard to go through for everyone.

Wendy said...

o wauw, that looks so great, what a wonderfull job !!!

Meari said...

Alpine looks great, Gabi!

stitchinfiend said...

I love Alpine Season Garden. The framing is stunning. Happy Birthday to DD.

Marie-P said...

Congrats on the gorgeous "Alpine" finish. Your framer did a fantastic job, I love the mat.
Coming To Water looks wonderful as well, you are a busy lady.

Happy 18th to your DD ~ such a milestone.

My thought are with your family, hope everything is alright.

Dani - tkdchick said...

Happy Birthday to your daughter!!!!

Wow your framer is just AMAZING!!!!! So is your stitching!

Nancy said...

The framing job is gorgeous!!Love how the corners are like little pine trees. I need to get my TTM framed and I hope they can be as creative as yours are! Your daughter is beautiful, hope she had a great 18th and I hope things are better with your FIL. Almost forgot.....Coming to water looks great too!!! You have smoking needles lately...unlike me! :-(