Friday, March 6, 2009

Coming to Life and a Give Away

Yesterday I finished another page of "Coming to Life". 6 pages are now done....10 to go.
And I had a discussion with a friend about so called "parking" of threads instead of finishing each color off like I do. The last time I tried parking, all the hanging threads drove me nuts. Plus I'm somehow afraid I'll park the thread in the wrong hole, and stitch then with the wrong color in the next square. With 90 colors and heaps of them are similar, it COULD happen if I would make a fault in parking.
Anyway, our discussion burnt down to the point that I tried the parking method BEFORE I ever started with scroll rods. And following my friend it does make a huge difference. She advises also to use hair clips to keep the parked threads together. I'm not sure. One moment I think I'll give it another try, next moment I think...nawww....I'm fine.
May be....very may be....I'll give it another try.

Anyway, here is a picture of page 6 finished:

Coming To Life - Page 6 completed

Shortly ago I read on Meari's blog about a marvelous grab bag. She's a lucky lady. And it brought up a giggle here when I thought about the grab bag I bought last year. It only said that it did include a kit from Fiona Jude, and I am a fan of the Australian landscape and Australian flora and fauna cross stitch charts/kits of her. So I thought, what CAN go wrong??? I never had any luck with a grab bag, but what in heaven can go wrong when it says a Fiona Jude kit AND silk ribbon and beads???
LOL....did I tell you that I'm not into cutesy at all? I can assure you, everything out of that grab bag belonged in the cutesy department. Grab bags and I just don't go well together. I knew that from time to time I need some assurance of that. My kids had a good laugh again, so at least I could cheer them up. A good mum should make her kids laugh from while to while ....right?

And because there are people that actually do like kits like that, or have children who might want to give it a go, or even know someone who likes cutesy like this, I thought I offer it here. Who wants it, can have it. Just tell me so in a comment and leave your email address so that I can contact you. If there are more then one person, I'll pop a name out of the hat.
The kit contains also Aida, a needle and of course the needed floss It's unopened.
Fiona Jude - Spring Babe


Lou's addictions said...

lol this is such a cutsie kit, its not really me either.

Coming to life looks great, this is gonna sound cheesy but it really does look like it's coming to life.

Meari said...

LOL, oh Gabi... You poor girl. It *is* a cute kit, though.

You CTL looks great! I'm with you on the parking. The hanging threads would drive me crazy.

Kathy said...

Your stitching looks fabulous. So detailed. I'm like you when it comes to "parking". I tried it and did not like it for the same reason you did. It was too messy and too confusing too.

The chart is cute but definitly not me. :) So I'll pass on the giveaway. :)

Carolyn NC said...

CTL is gorgeous! Cute little kit, but I'm not into cutesie either. Let us know if you try the parking and how it works.

Louisiana Momma said...

I always wondered about those parked threads...I dont think I could deal with that either.. I prefer to do it my normal route and finish off one color at a time.. I usually do smaller projects so its not that hard to do..

Please put my name in the hat.. my 8yo dd has been begging for me to teach her cross stitch - she would love that kit to start with..

Jean said...

You not only made your kids laugh- you made me laugh!! That kit isn't even cutsie in my book - it's kind of scary! LOL!

I don't know how you do such filled in pieces and stick with it - they are just amazing!! I don't like parking either - it's hard to tell which color is which as some are so similar. I hate starting and stopping, but that's my method. I might "park" two or three threads in one portion, but no more than that. Lovely work so far.

Gaga said...

Coming to Life is really a lovely design.
Congrats on finishing Page 6.
Your biscornu and FF is also nice.
How is your father now?

Michele said...

Your "Coming to Life" is fabulouse. I am always envious of anyone who can work on the detailed designs with all the over one stitching. Great work! :O}

Debbie Jo said...

Coming to Life is so beautiful. Such wonderful colors and so life like too. Cute chart I know it will fine a good home hopefully a new young stitcher will love it.

Nancy said...

Your progress looks great! I don't part either, but I have found that having LOTS of needles already threaded, that saves me more time than trying to park them. I haven't gotten any grab bags for the reason you have just shown!! I hope someone with a little kid will give it a good home!

Rene la Frog said...

Love your "Coming to Life". It is really coming to life now hehehe

The kit is cute but not me either. I know it will go to someone who loves that kind of thing.

Patricia said...

Gabi, I have this poster on my wall, the first time I saw it I had to have it as I collect giraffes. It looks great best of luck with the rest of it.

Gabi said...

Oh my gosh Patricia. You have NO clue how much hours I spent trying to find the artist of that painting. Could you please contact me at Gabi2111 AT

Fiona said...

Hi Gabi,
It's Fiona Jude. I had no idea these kits were being included in 'grab bags'. They were released mainly to hopefully introduce some of the younger generation to cross stitching. I'm happy to swap the kit for you if you wish. Please contact me on my website and I'll see what I can do.