Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Love is in the Air

First of all....I received the exchange piece from the "Stitch Red for your Heart" exchange....and I'm in love with it. Leigh stitched for me this fantastic 15sided biscornu. You should see it in person...it's SO beautiful. Thank you so much Leigh for this beautiful piece and also for the candle holders and the red floss.

I finally finished this scissor pocket called "Token of Love" This one was in my travel bag for donkey's ages, and I thought it's time to get it out and finish it. The initials of my daughters and my husband are worked in it :)

"Token of Love" by Barbara Bernard
stitched on Belfast "Country Cream" 
with Threadworx and Gentle Art Thread

Then there is a little surprise for my husband. In reality I wanted to stitch something completely different for him. The plan was to stitch a design from Paulette Steward (Plumstreet Samplers). But...some gremlins stole my time and at once it was to late to order that design from the US, and of course it wasn't available anywhere in Australia. Never mind, I made him that little key thingo and will stitch him the other one at a later time. 
I tried to use some "manly" colors and finished it off with a black backing. I'm pretty sure he won't tolerate anything pinkish on his keys. Men can be amazingly  sensitive...lol. Sorry for the rather crappy picture. But it was taken in the evening. 

"Love" from the Stitcherhood
 This freebie can be found here 
Stitched over one on 28ct hand dyed Jazlyn (Silkweaver Solo)
with Gentle Art Threads

Next in row is an applique piece, which is my second piece ever, and I'm pretty pleased how it turned out. I mounted that on a canvas. The kit was laying around here since months  simply because I'm a chicken and didn't have the courage to start it. After this one was finished, I ordered  2 more out of the serie (Hope and Faith).

Love by Kenna McRyan

And that was enough "Love" for one post...don't you think so?

Friday, February 12, 2010

Red for your Heart

"Stitch Red for your Heart" was an exchange I took part in lately and I really loved to take part in that. Red is one of my favorite colors. After hearing from Caroline that it arrived safely, I can show it now.  The idea for the little book I made was born out of my frustration when I visited last time my doctor. As usual long waiting time, which doesn't bother me too much as long as I have something to stitch with me. And juggling with scissors, the thread, and everything I thought it would be so very handy to have a small something to hold it all. A small booklet just to hold everything for a small travel project. And so the idea was born. Hopefully Caroline finds it handy too.

Stitched with Threadworx "Bleeding Heart" on 28ct self dyed Jobelan. 

The design itself is from Aurelle and is called "ABC oiseaux"  She designs quite a few designs and put them up for free on her website.  Have a look at Aurelle's site, she is very talented woman and quite some beautiful designs available. I used one of my self dyed fabrics for it (Jobelan) and Threadworx Bleeding Heart.

There is also an update on Christmas at Hawk Run Hollow. Since last month I'm taking part in a SAL for it at the "Needle and Thread" forum. Goal is to finish each month a block.

Did anyone miss the next design ...Autumn at Hawk Run Hollow? Another beauty coming up. Can't someone please extend the time a bit? Like 9 days in the week....or 30 hours per day...or both? I need more time if I want to stitch everything I like in this life time.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Another page of Manhattan Wonderland

Major happy dance!!!Page 4 of Manhattan Wonderland is finished. Somehow it feels every time a milestone when a page of that project is done. In hindsight I found that it helped amazingly that I said that I had a page finished when it wasn't finished (and not even started). That irked me enough to get my butt into moving gear and get that page finished. May be I should do it more often like that? It might get finished then in this lifetimes.

And while watching tennis (Australian Open) I grabbed my knitting needles and finished another square of the "Great American Aran Afghan".  This one was a real fun stitch. It's the Vicki Sewer square and I love the meaning of it. It's not only presenting the fight against cancer, the other symbols stand for Faith, Hope and Love. 

I also finished my first applique block - and loved doing that too. "Snowbound" hopefully will give me the confidence to jump into other applique projects. I just started a Kenna Mc Ryan piece as well...so we'll see how that goes. Anyway....finished part one from "Snowbound":

The other projects I'm working on I can't show, because they are for an exchange or not enough progress to show.

And since we're now in February, I can go on with Christmas at Hawk Run Hollow!!! :)

Something complete different. A vent!!!  If you have dogs and go each and every year to the vet to get them their injections and think your dogs are protected because of that....forget it. My dogs have gotten kennel cough while their last shots should have last another 7 months.  And that's weeks ago.  Lucy had it that bad that she needed cough medicine for almost a week....and then antibiotics. We can't even go inside at the Vet....lol. We stay in the car and the vet comes out to check them. Which makes sense though...I don't want other dogs getting it as well. They got it last December. And both are still coughing every now and then, and Lucy's nose is still often blocked. Worst thing, it affects them in their fitness and well being level. To protect other dogs we can't really take them out in town. And we can only do very short walks, or you end up carrying them. Never had a dog with kennel cough before, and to be honest, I could have happily lived without that experience.
I think next time if the vet asks if we want them also protected against kennel cough I might strangle her. What's the use of that -  except that it cost heaps of money.