Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Hawaiian Mandala

One of my favorite designers is Martina Weber from Chatelaine Designs. At the moment I'm stitching 2 of her designs. The Hawaiian Garden Mandala get released in 12 parts. Normally the new part gets released begin of each month. Because of taking a vacation Martina released this month the part for August earlier. This evening I finished it - and it will now get rolled up until begin of September.

Here is a close up of part 9:

Part 9 close up

And here how the mandala looks part 1 to 9:

Hawaiian Mandala Part 9


Kelly said...

This is absolutely fabulous!
Hugs, kelly

Rene la Frog said...

That is just to pretty for words.

Meari said...

It's stunning! I spent 3 hours working on Japanese Garden last night.

BW said...

Absolutely beautiful!

Carolyn said...

This is beautiful! I've been toying with ordering this one; seeing yours makes me want it more!

sales said...

WOW! I love her designs. This looks soo nice!

Nancy said...

You are doing great to be caught up with all the parts! I got a bit bogged down on my TTM and I have the last 2 HUGE parts to stitch. It's not seeing any time lately! This one is gorgeous!