Thursday, July 31, 2008

Flat fold

One of the moderators of "I Love Cross Stitch" yahoo group taught a class for making a flat fold. The class was really fun and I hope that Maeri will teach another class in future. She did a great job. Everything I learned will be very useful for other projects as well. All by all it meant a lot of fun to follow the lessons and to watch the flat folds of the others grow.

Because of me so much playing around with this new blog it took me a while to stop goofing around and sit down to finish the flat fold off. Which I did today. Then I wanted to have a bow on top of it. Can't be that difficult I thought, got some ribbon out and realized that it might be handy to read a "how to do" first. Which I did ...and of course I tried to do it my own way. After couple of trials it worked out fine. And I sew it on top of the flat fold. Problem was, it did NOT look good. So I removed it, and added instead a simple ribbon. That looked better. As you can see, sometimes you can have the most fancy ideas, and in the end something more simple does look heaps better. I'll keep the first bow anyway thoug...might come in handy for something else.

Here are 2 pictures of the flat fold. In the first picture you can see the bow I took off laying in front of it. That's my first bow to simple bows made on presents of course.

Flat fold

Flat fold side view


Kelly said...

Looks fabulous Gabi, well done!
Hugs, Kelly

Meari said...

It turned out beautiful, Gabi! I'm glad you learned skills for future projects :)

Rene la Frog said...

Great job Gabi...looks fantastic

Anonymous said...

that looks beautiful, Gabi! :)

Vicky L said...

Wow! It looks like a small frame picture. It came out great! i would have never know it was your first attempt on the FF. Congrats

Lisa said...

I agree with Vicky. It looks like a framed picture, beautiful.

Nancy said...

Yours turned out great! I am so glad that I did the little material border too. I think that really adds the frame look to them.

Anonymous said...

Hi Gabi,

congrats on your new blog, it looks great! Lovely finishes, and Hawaii is just awesome!

I'm Gio2002 from the Yuku boards, by the way :)

Joy said...

Looks wonderful Gabi!!

Fatema said...

Lovely Flatfold.
COngrats on all your finishes.
Do you want to trade Queen of The needle chart?
Hawaian mandala is coming along nicely.