Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Queen of the Needle

Tomorrow evening I'll start "Queen of the Needle" from Just Nan. The plan is to stitch couple of days this one and then to return to my other big project (Alpine Season Garden) When I purchased the chart it was meant to be stitched as a SAL with my friends from "I love Cross Stitch" - but that didn't turn out as I wished. I ordered hand dyed fabric, which took ages to arrive...and I had to send it back. Was the wrong color and had a stain too. Took again ages until it arrived. But it was worth the wait. It's a lovely opalescent hand painted Cashel linen from Sugar Maples in Canada. I think the color is called "Shimmering Powderpuff" It's such a pity that Mindy from Sugar Maples stopped her business. She made so beautiful fabrics.

The SAL has already finished, but that doesn't matter. This little sampler will get a place at the wall right next to my stitching chair. It has such a nice verse ...that alone is already a reason for me to stitch it.

In my little Kingdom of stitches that cross
I am Queen of the Needle
And Boss of the Floss
etc etc

I think that fits quite perfect in my stitching corner.


kaghos said...

good luck on the queen of needles.

from what I've seen of others it is a beautiful piece.

Rene la Frog said...

You will love doing "Queen". I got behind when I had to frog a large section on the last band so mine is waiting for me to finish.

Meari said...

It's a beautiful piece. Looking forward to seeing your progress, Gabi. :)

sales said...

You will really this one when it is finished!


Hi Gabi,
Great to see you on here blogging right along with the rest of us. I really enjoyed reading your blog entries thus far and have added your blog to my list on my blog site.

Your work is beautiful! Keep up the good work!

Happy Stitching!
Dawn in NC