Monday, September 22, 2008

Hawaiian Mandala

Finally - part 10 finished. Whew. That was a LOT of stitching this month. And I'm glad it's over and done now. Right now I'm looking forward to stitch something small. I won't be able to show it on my blog yet though. It's a floss tag for an exchange and I have to wait until my partner received it before I can show it. Isn't it funny, but for me is finding a pattern half of the fun. And finding some cute goodies to go with that. While stitching away the corners of the Hawaiian Mandala I kept myself amused by finding a pattern. And changing my But I settled down now for one, have it also already here, and looking forward to start it.

Here is a picture of the Hawaiian Mandala with part 10 finished.

Part 10 finished

Melanie, my youngest daughter got a bit interested in cross stitch. Last year she stitched a Mill Hill kit. And this week she asked if I had another one for her. And so she started that. Isn't that a cute picture. Just out of bed but with a gorgeous smile. Of course a real teenager doesn't agree with that. A real teenager needs first an ounce of makeup, hairspray and the such AND a most cool face. got her. And I love her just as she is.

Ohhh....and I bought some nice stash. The yearly Just Crossstitch Christmas Ornament issue is now available. And of course I had to order that one. Since I have to order that online anyway, I took the opportunity to order some nice charts as well. And some goodies.

Thanks to the bad bad influence that Meari had on me (I plead here complete innocence and stick with that!!!) I bought myself a Crop-A-Dile on Ebay. Which is an instrument for setting eyelets and making holes. Mike laughed himself silly about me - telling me that I will set my very first eyelet in LOOOOOONG years soon (for that floss tag). Now tell me please: what has that to do with that??? It's a cool "must have". Besides we have a garage full with "must haves" for the man...and if I'm not mistaken there is a huge circular saw still unpacked somewhere. Probably next to his hot glue gun that I would love use...if I only could put my hands on I forget everytime to ask him for it. And need it then while he is at work or busy with something himself. That hot glue gun is never used either, and we bought it wayyyy back when we were still living in the Netherlands. So there. I got my Crop a Dile!!! It has still to arrive from Canada, but that doesn't matter. You can make holes with it in all sort of materials and I BET Mike will be attracted to that like a bee to honey. And I have to be careful that it doesn't land in the earlier mentioned garage. I better hot glue it to my sewing box. But me doesn't have a hot gun (yet).

This is a picture of my Crop a Dile. If you want to know more about this tool you might check out Maeri's blog. She wrote a great review about it. But if you like me and are a "little bit" a stash-a-holic you might better skip that part.


Terry said...

Great finish! I love the colors but that was a lot of work so I'm not sure that I would even attempt it. LOL

Giovanna said...

Your Hawaii is looking gorgeous, Gabi! And it's great that your daughter wants to stitch.

Meari said...

LOL Gabi... Moi bad influence? Surely you *must* be talking about someone else! I hope you get your crop-a-dile soon and you're so right about boys and *their* toys.

HM looks great... so colorful & beautiful.

Carolyn said...

I love this mandala - your daughter is such a cutie, too. Hope she keeps up the stitching. Yes, I am contemplating the crop-a-dile, too, thanks to BOTH of you!

Rene la Frog said...

The Hawaiian Mandala is looking great...not long to the finish now.

Your daughter is beautiful even without the makeup and hair spray. Hope she continues with the stitching.

sales said...

still think that is a beautiful piece. How mabny more parts are there?
I like the picture of your daughter.

Nancy said...

You are pushing through the large parts of your design much better than I am! Great news your daughter is picking up your hobby, I am sure you have plenty of stash for her to choose from!

Debbie Jo said...

What a beautiful job you are doing on the Hawaiian Mandala. Your daughter is beautiful as well.

Laura-Leigh said...

Gabi, Hawaiian Mandala is gorgeous. I love the picture of your daughter. Mine is 5, (and my youngest) and I'm enjoying every minute of it, because I know the teenage years will come too fast.

Anonymous said...

Those Mandala's are works of art & yours is stunning! You must be almost done.

My guy also has his toys in the gargage and lord help me if I want to use anything. And yes many are still in their boxes. Enjoy your new stash and keep encouraging your daughter. We'd love to see her finishes too!