Saturday, May 30, 2009

Couple of finishes and an award

First of all...I finished both hearts. The red heart got framed and is already with its new owner. I stitched it for my dear Father in Law who was very happy with it. He plans to hang it up next to his bed.

The heart is displayed in the window of my local needlework shop until it's ready to be shipped to the Donna to be part of the "Stitching for a Cure" Cancer project. I will send it to her soon as I have finished an angel tree topper for the very same project. Miss Millie (the owner of our local shop) was most happy to be able to display it until then. :)

Both hearts are stitched in honor of my Father in law, who is not only one of the most lovely persons one can think of, but who suffers from Cancer. Dad fell in love with this design when he saw me stitching the ornament and chose the color for his heart himself.

Alpabet Heart for Donna
Stitched over one on 25ct white Lugana
with Threadworx "Shortcake"

Alphabet Heart framed
Stitched over one on 25ct white Lugana
with Threadworx "Bleeding Heart"

I received a great award from Meari. Thank you so much for giving me such a huge compliment :)
The most difficult thing is to award others for an award. OR an award has had already such a travel that it's hard to find persons who hadn't had it....OR...there are SO many blogs to choose from. It's not an easy task. But never the less ...I nominated the following twp people for having "lovely blogs" which I love to read.

And then there are 2 "sorta" finishes. I call them finishes because for these bigger projects finishing a page is for me a mile stone.

Page 12 finished of Coming to Water:
Page 12 finished

Page 1 finished of "Manhattan Wonderland"
Week 08

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Can you have to much on the go?

Here is my latest update on the Garden of Semiramis. Less accomplished then I had hoped for, but can't do anything about that.

Part 1 half way done

The second Alphabet heart is almost finished
Alphabet Hearts

And I stitched also a bit on Manhattan
Week 07

Next month I have to step a bit on the breaks to be able to stitch a bit more on some smalls.
Semiramis won't come out of storage in June. The rest of May I will be back to "Coming to Water" and then I will give my full attention to a bookmark for Marjorie. And I'll figure out a decent time plan for several smalls I want to do.

- finishing off Marjories bookmark <- that's the very first thing to do, because that one has a deadline in June and I HATE it to be late.
- finishing off Donna's heart as heart ornament (all stitching already done)
- finishing stitching on the heart for my Father in law and framing it
- stitching and finishing off Donna's Angel - which is rather complicate but I finally figured out exactly how to do a three dimensional Angel. That took me a while
- I would also LOVE to participate in 2 exchanges...a Christmas ornament Swap at ILCS yahoo group and a "Summer House" exchange and HoE. But not sure if I can fit that in. We'll see

Of course I won't be able to do all that above AND some work on Manhattan and Coming to Water in June, but I can make a dent in it and come up with a plan how to tackle it. (I

Ohhh....and there is a great give away on Carol R's blog. I love her idea. If you want to participate, hop over :)

Friday, May 15, 2009

A long update

I really really should update more often. My apologies for this being another long post. That being said...can you see my happy dance from where you are??? Where should I start?

First of all...MOTHERS DAY
I got spoiled - my youngest daughter gave me golden earrings (my mouth fell open) and my older daughter a beautiful perfume called Halle (by Halle Berry). From my husband I got a gift certificate for an Australian LNS. With that all I was more then happy.

But to my surprise shortly after Mothers Day a packet arrived. It was from the US - Wasatch Needlecraft - and addressed to Mike????? Did my husband start secretly stitching? No - but even better. He got me another gift....The Garden Chair from the Cat's Whiskers...fully kitted up!!! And no ladies - you can't have him. He's all mine. Same applies to the Garden Chair!!!

Garden Chair

But there are more happy dances
Another page of "Coming to Water" is finished. 5 more pages to go.
page 11 finished

And I finished one of the hearts and started the second heart.
Heart Alphabet

Got a bit more done on Manhattan Wonderland. My plan is to finish the first page this month.
Week 06

And I received also a RAK from my dear friend Carla. She sent me a chart of some beautiful snowflakes. It's called Nordic Snowflakes and is designed be Laura J Perin
Nordic Snowflakes