Saturday, May 30, 2009

Couple of finishes and an award

First of all...I finished both hearts. The red heart got framed and is already with its new owner. I stitched it for my dear Father in Law who was very happy with it. He plans to hang it up next to his bed.

The heart is displayed in the window of my local needlework shop until it's ready to be shipped to the Donna to be part of the "Stitching for a Cure" Cancer project. I will send it to her soon as I have finished an angel tree topper for the very same project. Miss Millie (the owner of our local shop) was most happy to be able to display it until then. :)

Both hearts are stitched in honor of my Father in law, who is not only one of the most lovely persons one can think of, but who suffers from Cancer. Dad fell in love with this design when he saw me stitching the ornament and chose the color for his heart himself.

Alpabet Heart for Donna
Stitched over one on 25ct white Lugana
with Threadworx "Shortcake"

Alphabet Heart framed
Stitched over one on 25ct white Lugana
with Threadworx "Bleeding Heart"

I received a great award from Meari. Thank you so much for giving me such a huge compliment :)
The most difficult thing is to award others for an award. OR an award has had already such a travel that it's hard to find persons who hadn't had it....OR...there are SO many blogs to choose from. It's not an easy task. But never the less ...I nominated the following twp people for having "lovely blogs" which I love to read.

And then there are 2 "sorta" finishes. I call them finishes because for these bigger projects finishing a page is for me a mile stone.

Page 12 finished of Coming to Water:
Page 12 finished

Page 1 finished of "Manhattan Wonderland"
Week 08


Meari said...

Gabi, your hearts are beautiful (just like you!). Congrats on the finishes.

You're most welcome for the award :)

I'm really do enjoy watching your WIPs come to life.

Deb said...

Beautiful hearts! What a nice thing to give one of them to your father. And you have some great WIPs going. You're a very brave soul because they look so stitch intensive, but beautiful.

Emily said...

Those alphabet hearts are great. That red one for your father is just yummy. Manhattan is looking good, want to do a HAED so bad, but which one??

5footrunt said...

Those Alpha hearts are just beautiful. Congrats on your semi finishes. IT;s alot of work to get there.

Carolyn NC said...

Gabi, your stitching is just gorgeous. And girl, you are fast! Your hearts are so sweet - very moving to me about your FIL. And I love your BAP's - all of them.
Thank you so much for giving me this award. You most definitely deserve yours - I try to never miss your updates!

dianemi said...

Gabi the hearts are beautifully stitched and finished. I am such a fan of Coming to Water and your HAED wip is wonderful. Congratulations on the award, too!

Cindy F. said...

Congrats on your award Gabi!
Your heart finishes are so beautiful! Both are amazing gifts:)
WIP's are progressing beautifully too!

Lou's addictions said...

coming to water is looking fab, everyone stitches so quickly compared to me I'm still on page one of my HEAD since December or January lol...

I love the hearts, the ornament looks fab.

Donna said...

Gabi, the hearts are just lovely. You are so, so kind and generous. Thank you. And I so love coming to water. Your stitching is beautiful!

Nessa G. said...

Just amazingly beautiful work as always!

Rene la Frog said...

WOW....the hearts are awesome. Your WIP's are really coming to life and I so enjoy the updates on them.

Nancy said...

The hearts are a great work of Love!!! Beautiful finishing as always! You are flying on the HAED! To finish one page is a HUGE milestone....way to go! You'll be done with Coming to Water is no time and then will zoom through Manhattan!

htimcj said...

WOW! Your stitching is always just beautiful! I am glad that your DF like the heart. It is georgous.

Dani - tkdchick said...

Wow Gabi! Both hearts are just stunning you did an amazing job stitching and finishing them!!!!

Both of your wips are fantastic too.

Olenka's Stitches said...

Both alphabet hearts are very pretty. Your HAED project looks fantastic.

Anonymous said...

The hearts are simply enchanting, Gabi, great stitching on both. And my goodness, you're so close to finishing Coming to Water, you're going so fast with it! And congrats on the award, you certainly deserve it!

Sandy In Montana said...

The Hearts turned out beautifully Gabi. You do such wonderful work.

WendyJo said...

Gabi, your hearts are absolutely gorgeous! You have some wonderful WIPS going too!

Mel said...

Great progress Gabi!
And the hearts are wonderful. :)

wichitastitcher said...

Hi Gabi;
Your blog is very nice Where did you get the pattern for Going to Water?


Anonymous said...

Hi Gabi - I've only recently been made aware of your blog ... I must've been hiding under a rock for way too long!! Anyway, just wanted to drop by and say how beautiful your stitching is, and your finishing is wonderful! Your blog is a real visual treat, and a pleasure to visit :)