Sunday, May 1, 2011

Stash-a-holics Anonymous unite!!

Ok, let me bite the bullet here. My name is Gabi and I'm an addict.  My drug of choice is called stash,
I do collect scissors, fabrics, embellishments, and charts of several designers. Just for the fun of it.
But what I have to stop is collecting OOP charts! That is becoming ridiculous.

What about you? Are you a stash-a-holic too? Do you collect things? Or do you buy just what you need only?  If you're a collector too....what do you collect?
If you're like me, we should set up a group together for Stash-a-holics Anonymous and have a meeting to support each other at the nearest LNS. That's the right place to be for us isn't it??? Must be right...sounds so wonderfully right to me.

What brought me to this admission of guilt? I sat down in front of my filing cabinet where I have stored my charts. I needed to stitch a PS design for an exchange and had a look through  at my almost complete collection of PS charts  and realizing  what a shockingly enormous amount of money and time I spent on purchasing OOP charts that I then simply filed away. I told my husband that there wouldn't be any loss, because I could stitch it and then sell it for the same price as I bought it for. Right. THAT is never going to I'm not selling any of them!!! Thankfully it's my own pocket money I spent, otherwise I would have a problem at the home front.

My newest resolution is:  No OOP charts anymore!!! I will not spend that much money any more on charts. To pay for a chart couple of times more what the original value was just because it's out of print is ridiculous. Certainly if you consider that there are so much wonderful designers bringing out fantastic new designs each year.  Sigh. Unless of course I find "Where my heart blooms"....or "Ellen Birdseye" ..  ...I'm an addict after all.

And after I was finished with these thoughts I did some stitching as well: 

First of all I  did indeed stitch a Prairie Schooler design after all but cannot show it yet. It's for an exchange and will get send off next month. Need to give it a finishing touch first anyway.

An update on Amsterdam....

And 2 ornaments:

Snowy Pines
Designer: Little House Needleworks
Fabric: 32ct Belfast Natural
Fibers: Crescent Colors, Gentle Art and DMC
I made couple of changes and used CC Tartan,Plaid, CC Sassy Brass,  GA Dark Chocolate and a limited edition green (Gecko) from GA instead of the recommended DMC.

He's a Flake
Designer: Little House Needleworks
Fabric: 30 ct Weeks Dye "Dove"
 Fibers: Crescent Colors and DMC

The only changes I made here were to use DMC 814 instead of the read copper. I also swapped the colors around on the pot and made it golden with a red bow instead of the other way around. 


Sally said...

Stashaholic??? Me??? Noooooooooooooooo!!! Lol OK YES! I am and I'm not frightened to admit it :) I have got terrible. When I first started stitching and for a while afterwards ( until we got a PC and I discovered the joys of the internet) I would just have one thing on the and not buy anything else until it was finished. Hmmmmm! Now I have way too much and keep buying more BUT I will admit I am more careful these days. I think I've only ever bought two OOP charts and I got them both for the RRP which was good.

Your ornament finishes and WIP are lovely.

ccflo said...

I will stand up & confess also. I am a stashaholic. I have been collecting stash for over 30 years.I'm pretty sure some of my older charts are now OOP.Whew I only paid the asking price for them but they are OLD. Now I'm addicted to HAED & am collecting even more charts. I would live so long as to stitch them all.
I have Thea's New York & I am lusting after St Petersburg. As soon as I have enough money saved up I will be getting it.
Your progress on Amsterdam is wonderful.It is so pretty. I may have to add that to my wishlist also.

Lea said...

Cute little finishes!

Emily in NC said...

Amsterdam is coming along nicely. The two ornaments are very nice. Don't think I have the stash bug that bad yet, but it does seem to be getting worse. LOL

Laurie in Iowa said...

The two ornaments are very sweet. Congrats on your finishes. I know what you mean about obtaining OOP charts... it can get out of hand very quickly.

Sandy In Montana said...

Hello, My names Sandy and I'm a "Stashaholic". But I can quit anytime I want, no really, I can:}

I'm not so bad with charts, but fabrics, threads and add-on's, that's another story.

Great stitching, Gabi. The ornaments are adorable. I absolutely love the pair of scissors you have shown, just gorgeous.

Take Care & Happy Stitchin'
Hugs, Sandy

Sari said...

My name is Sari and I'm a stashaholic. And what do I stash... Anything and everything to do with cross stitching, knitting, bead-working.... Last weekend I got about 20meters (METERS!!!!) of copperwire, and no I'm not a professional jeweller.

Carol said...

Yes, yes, I admit it--I'm a stashaholic, too!! But, there could be lots of worse things to be addicted to, right :)

Your ornaments are adorable, Gabi--I especially love "He's a Flake!"

htimcj said...

um yes! I have collected more charts than I can ever stitch but they are all so nice! I think about going through my stash every once in a while but quickly change my mind!
I love Amsterdam. So pretty.

Nancy M said...

Love, He's a flake, I have that one too. Our tastes are so very similar! I won't admit that I'm a stashoholic yet.I only just bought 4 new Mystic patterns.....but I don't try and recruit others to bid for me on ebay....not naming any names, but you know who I'm talking about! ;-)
Love the progress on Amsterdam too! I hate that you never did hear back from them about your problems.

Katrien said...

Lovely ornaments. Amsterdam is just gorgeous!
Stashaholic, who, me, noooo, lol!

mdgtjulie said...

Your ornies are really cute. Grats on the finishes. And I love Amsterdam. It's gonna be so gorgeous when completed. I collect stash too. Not so much embellishments or fabbies, but charts. I have some OOP charts, but most are still being produced, as I can't afford to collect oop charts. Shoot, I can't afford to collect in print charts, lol. Know you're not the only one!!!

Vicky L said...

Amsterdam is looking great. Your ornament finishes are very lovely. I like the changes you made.
Yes, I do admit I am a Stashaholic too. I collect charts but mainly the current ones. I keep on saying I will stitch it soon but I never get to it. Looking at my stash makes me wish I could stitch faster,lol

Shelleen said...

ok, I confess (standing up) I am a stash-o-holic. I have been collecting charts since the 80s. I am now addicted to HAED and just how many can I really stitch in a lifetime. I also collect scissors, project bags, needles, and needleminders.

valerie said...

Oh my, I'm a stashaholic too and I can't help myself! I like to have many options available to myself but I'm running out of room on my cabinet. Love how your Amsterdam is coming along and the ornies are very cute! I like the color change in He's a Flake. Great job!

Donna said...

I am not really a stashaholic. But I am a buyaholic. What is the difference?
I will fight someone on EBay for an OOP pattern that I must have. A OOP with everything kitted I will go to the ground for.
Then I get it, realize I will never stitch it and then do some giveaway. You have no idea how much money I have spent just to turn around and give it away.
But I like to think in my illness I am really helping other stitchers. That makes it all right, correct?
Your stitching is beautiful!

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

But look at it this way - at 50 you're only half way through your life and when you are on a pension you won't be able to afford to buy anything except baked beans so all the lovely stash will be used up then!
I bought loads when I was working full time and since I've been a SAHM I have stitched alot of it, more than I could afford to buy right now.
The internet is dreadful, I have ahuge folder full of free designs and another of my wishlist - but at least it's virtual and doesn't take up any space!

diamondc said...

Your ornaments are adorable but Amsterdam is beautiful thank-you for sharing, I too am a stash-a-holic, I love being one I love the hunt and what a rewarding feeling when I find a out of print chart I love it.
Blessings to you

Cindy's Stitching said...

You are to funny. I love the ornies. I have been trying to downsize my stash. I think I have done well. I still have way more then we can ever use, but somethings we just have to have. It better then drinking, drugging, sex addictions etc. We have to have something.

Kate said...

Great finishes, I have those charts in my stash. I love seeing your progress on Amsterdam.
Stashaholic? Never! My cross stitch stash is smaller than my quilting stash.

Shelley said...

Amsterdam looks awesome!! You are making great progress on it.

Your ornaments are too cute. I am stitching this series also and hope to have them all done sometime later this year.

Stitching Noni said...

Yep, me too - I admit it!! I collect stitching kits and patterns... and x-stitch magazines!

I also used to collect thimbles - but haven't done so for a long time. I have just started to collect snow globes - hopefully that won't be too much of an addiction like my stitching stuff!!

Did you see the collectors of Royal Memorabilia leading up to the wedding? Now that is collecting; one lady had over 100,000 items and was still collecting (she had purchased another 1000 while in the UK for the wedding. She was in the crowd on the day and was interviewed by the BBC) I don't think I have the collectng bug quite that bad!!!

I do like adding to my stash though I doubt I will ever stitch everything!

Anonymous said...

I finally have to admit it I am a stashaholic. I see a chart I fall in love with and I have to have it. I think someday I will get around to it. Anyone have a roundtoit? I also collect anything associated with counted cross stitch, kits, fabric, floss, threads notions etc.
Gabi, your Amsterdam is coming along beautifully and your ornaments and works in progress are lovely.

Meari said...

I'm sure there are LOTS of stitchers that need to attend SA (myself included). I have SABLE (stash beyond lifetime expectancy). With that said, it's still nice to look through!

Your ornaments turned out beautifully!

Brigitte said...

You have no idea how much we are alike, lol. When it comes to Prairie Schooler charts I can really get into trouble. Fortunately I only collect this designer and my collection is nearly complete. And it's such a pleasure to go through this collection and to imagine how I will stitch each of the patterns. One day, lol.
Your ornaments are so lovely.

Giovanna said...

You are a stronger woman than I am, my friend... though I'm old enough to have been able to get most (not all) of my favourite charts when they were still in print - I learnt the OOP lesson early enough, lol.

Your stitching is gorgeous!

wranglerkate said...

I think all of us stitchers have that tendency! That's part of the fun! Since you said you have a lot of OOP charts, would you be willing to sell the Blackbird Designs Loose Feathers Spring Fling if you have it? I keep looking for it, but haven't been successful. Your stitching is beautiful. And you've got lots of projects to look forward to!

staci said...

Wonderful progress on Amsterdam. And I love your ornaments, they turned out darling. And I love your scissors in that last pic...where did you get them???

I don't have a stash problem...I have plenty of stash and I have no problem with it, lol :) Ok, maybe I do have a problem since I have lots of stash and haven't been stitching!

Justflo said...

I haven't quick got to the 'stashaholic' stage yet, but I think I may be working on it.

Your 'Amsterdam' looks incredible. Love your finishes.

Susan said...

Stash-a-holic? No, my stash purchases are all part of my retirement plan. Better to buy now when I can than end up with nothing to stitch later. That sounded pretty good didn't it? I think I'll keep that one!

Beautiful finishes and I love your Amsterdam.

Siobhan said...

Beautiful finishes!!

I am a stashaholic, too. I'm trying to get better and just buy what I think I'm going to stitch immediately. It doesn't always work--it's like a fever grips me and I'm not satisfied till I get the chart that I've been lusting after. Once obtained, the chart is, 9 times out of 10, then stuck in a drawer. I have banned myself from Ebay because I was getting crazed, wanting so many things on there!

chrisstitches said...

Amsterdam progress is simply stunning. Words can't describe it. I also like your ornaments. I'm good at stitching projects, but framing or finish work is a challenge. My stash is some shirts to fabric paint classic cars for son, age 7. I have a few other items.

Carolyn NC said...

Right there with you, sister! Major stashaholic...but I'll just leave it there! Love Amsterdam and your two new ornies!

Nancy in IL said...

Gabi, I admit - I'm a collector of waaay too much stash, Kelmscott scissors and needle minders, plus My Big Toe gadgets (fobs, needle threaders, stitch counters, thread pickers, etc.). DH is onto me too. He didn't used to notice, but he knows now. My trouble is... I'm reaching the age that my stitching years are running out at 63, and I'm still buying. It's compulsive!

On the stitching front, you're a fast stitcher, and I envy your discipline at making up ornaments after the stitching is done, unlike I do, throwing them in a bag, piling them up till it's out of hand! I've stitched both the ornaments you have finished, and yours look so good. Amsterdam is growing at lightning speed and is simply stunning. So glad you were able to continue with it after all the problems you had.

Thank you for the lovely comment on my blog.