Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Dragonfly Boudoir Box

This month I started another design from Chatelaine Designs: The Dragonfly Boudoir Casket. It's one of the designs from the so called Designing Ladies. Judy Odell designed and charted the box, and several designers came up with a design for that box. Next to subscribing to the yahoo group from Chatelaine Designs, I also purchased the finishing instructions from Judy Odell.

And I'm impressed about the quality of these instructions. Very detailed. I love it. Judy Odell just published a booklet for several different finishes, and I'm planning to buy this one too. My finishing skills will probably get a good boost from that. And I can surely use Did you know that Judy Odell is the person who originally invented the flat fold. These days it's a common finishing used by lots of people, and it seems forgotten that Judy invented it couple of years ago.

Anyway, here are couple of pictures of my upcoming Dragonfly Boudoir Box. I'm at the moment busy with the 4 sides. Beads and crystals will be added when all stitching is finished.

First long side
Dragonfly Boudoir Box Part one

One of the small sides
Dragonfly Boudoir Box Part 2

Second long side
Dragonfly Boudoir Box Side 3
I did change the letters a bit here, the original ones were harder to identify as G and L. I hope with these changes it's a bit easier

Here you can see all 4 sides together. Above there are 4 beads attached. I did that to see how the color changes when I use black Nymo instead of white to attach them. And I have to admit that the color of the beads doesn't improve with black Nymo. I'll do it or with white Nymo or invisible thread (which I deeply
Dragonfly Boudoir Box - sides almost done

What else on the stitching front:

My floss tag for another exchange got sent off....and can you imagine, I completely forgot to take a picture. Dohh!!! I really hope that the recipient will provide me with a picture of front and back.

And I stitched and finished a Christmas ornament for another exchange. This will get send off to it's new home begin next month. No picture until it arrives there.

Ohhh....and Michael and I took the opportunity for couple of long hikes. At the moment we're visiting the old Gold Mines here around. And we're totally in awe how these people got the heavy equipment to the mines. You have to climb and hike, and even our dogs are broken afterwards, and only thing we had to carry were backpacks. Can you imagine getting heavy machinery there? Carrying around stones? Steep hills up and down? It's amazing.

Here you can see Mike taking a picture of an oven. This oven was used to create steam for the stamper in order to crush the stones. They then added some chemicals to it which would bind the gold.
gold mines

And here you can see what the experts think of having a day of hiking
Happy dogs


Sadie said...

This looks beautiful Gaby. Can't wait to see it all finished. The colours are wonderful.

Carolyn said...

This casket is beautiful, Gabi. I know what you mean about the invisible thread. Doesn't show, but it is such a pain to work with. I won the 2007 Designing Ladies needle caskets charts at a retreat, so I'm interested in hearing how yours comes along. Makes me want to pick up mine and start!

Carol said...

What a gorgeous start! Your dogs are adorable :-)

Meari said...

That box looks gorgeous, Gabi!

Giovanna said...

Beautiful work, Gabi - the box is going to be gorgeous! I'm another fan of Judy's clear instructions: hey, she got ME to finish something, lol.

Michele said...

Spectacular work, Gabi!

I like the "experts' opinion." =)

Dani - tkdchick said...

What stunning colours on black!