Sunday, October 5, 2008

Update on Hawaiian Mandala

Part 11 of the Hawaiian Mandala got released begin of this month, and obviously that's what I'm stitching on right now. This time the outer border got released and I love it. The color's are vibrant - there is a lot of sparkling braid added - lots of beads too and quite a fair amount of crystals as well. Crystals are not set yet, these will be sown on after the mandala is finished.

But I had to frog a bit too. In the instructions for part 11 Martina wrote that the diagram for the corner eyelet is only schematically and that one should change it to fill in the free space on the fabric. Well, I followed the diagram. It didn't look really bad...but it annoyed me a bit that I had a ring of fabric shown as well. After I had finished more then a quarter of the border (and finally read the I tried out how both versions look next to each other:

And here before and after in bigger:

Then there was a short period of pouting - which I always do before frogging - in the hope that the problem will evaporate - which miraculously never happens. Anyway, after that I frogged it and fixed it. Personally I think both versions do look nice, but I prefer the more filled up version. In the middle will be a crystal placed and once I laid down couple of crystals just to see how it looks like, the decision was quickly made.


Kelly said...

This is so beautiful Gabi!

Carolyn said...

It's going to be beautiful either way! Such a great piece.

Lisa C said...

Wow, that's looking good. I do like the filled in look a little better. It's also amazing to me that you're keeping caught up with the parts.

Meari said...

Very nice, Gabi

autumn said...

I know what you mean about pouting and frogging!
Keep up the good work though, it's really looking lovely!

Anonymous said...

Stunning Gabi! She has such a way with color. Great job!