Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Christmas Ornament

Yesterday I finished the Chistmas ornament for an exchange at the "I Love Cross Stitch" yahoo site. For this exchange you don't have a partner, but we all send it to one of the moderator's who will then send an ornament to each participating member. There for I can already publish a picture of it.

And boy was I wrong. When I chose this design I thought that would be EASY as. As always....I'm wrong. Every time I think that something is very difficult I'm surprised how easy it was in the end - and virtually EVERY time I think this or that is easy as - I fall flat on my face.

Let's face it. I'm a beginner at smalls - and there for also a beginner when it comes to finishing techniques. Would someone please ...pretty please....give me a whack when I say next time, something will be most easy.

After the flat fold went so easy off my hand I thought, finishing is not such a big deal. Easy as!!! Chose a triangle shaped ornament...can't be that difficult can't it? And it is as if a higher power above me heard me saying EASY, opened and eye, looked at me and said: "Oh yeah? Is that so? TAKE THAT!!!" WHACK

It took me AGES to get it right. I had to make the inner layer 3 times, still the card board refused to go to the upper edge. Then it took ages to get the edging right, and don't discuss corners please. There has to be a better way to attach cording. But on the bright site...in the end it doesn't look too bad. I leave it as it is, and will send it off this week.

Quiet Night

And here a picture of the back:
Quiet Night - back


Rene la Frog said...

The ornament is lovely and you did a fantastic job with the finishing...keep it up and you'll be a pro in no time

Kelly said...

The ornament is really nice and you did a great job on finishing!

Anonymous said...

Oh Gabi it turned out gorgeous! You did a fabulous job.

Meari said...

It turned out nice, Gabi! If you ever need help/advice on making ornies, just email me. I've made a ton of them. :)

Joy said...

Very pretty Gabi!! You did a great job!!

sales said...

It looks great! Whoever receives it will love the finishing!

Nancy said...

You're being too hard on yourself, it looks great! Just forget about how you got there..... and just enjoy the finish. Someone will be a lucky recipient!