Saturday, August 23, 2008

Grey flowers?

This is the very first time something like this happens to me. Not the first time I'm does feel slightly familiar. But the reason for it is new. First time ever I really dislike a choice of a designer. The Alpine Season Garden has in each corner a flower that is completely beaded. The flower itself is dark grey!!! And I'm not really thrilled about that. To be sure I beaded one completely, because you never know how it really will look until you see it. At least that is how it works with me.

After that I was yesterday busy for quite a while trying to figure out with what to replace the grey. In the end I settled for a white color that is used in the design as well and left the second bloom color as it was. That is a transparent color with a blue-ish shimmer. Problem was...once finished the blue-ish bead looks grey as well. For now I think I concentrate on the edge, and have a look then into a light pink to replace the second color as well. The greens of the stem I leave as they are. This means I'll have to redo both Oh well, keeps me off the street doesn't it? doesn't. It's today a beautiful day...I'll finish this post grab the dogs and drive to the bush to have a nice walk. That beading can come later. I won't be able to finish the beading anyway this weekend. I'm pretty sure I need to order in at least one color...probably two. I'll see how it goes, may be I'll have JUST enough beads.

Here is a picture of both beaded flowers

And here from each flower a close up


Carolyn said...

I think I'm confused as to which one is which! The flower on the left appears to be bluer to me. The flower on the right is a mixture of grey and white? But it's more delicate. Good luck in choosing, but I'm telling you that either one is going to be gorgeous. Those patterns amaze me when I see them up close. The details are always so pretty. You can be proud of the beautiful job you did.

Gabi said...

The left one is dark grey with light grey, the right one is off white with light grey. Right now I'm playing around with combinations white/pink. I beaded one...but will undo it to try it the other way around. Don't or later I find a combination I like. (I hope)

Anonymous said...

I agree that the grey is strange. The beads that were used on the original may have had more green in them. Maybe use two shades of green for the leaves?
Good luck.

Meari said...

I'm not a big fan of gray so if it was me, I'd pick a totally different color, LOL. Good luck in deciding.