Thursday, August 21, 2008

Rainy Day = Beading Day

Yesterday was such a beautiful day. Michael and I took the doggies and went into the bush for a nice long hike. And boy am I glad we did that. Today it's not's pouring. When I went for some grocery shoppings I got soaked in seconds. Who would ever consider to take an umbrella - not me obviously. I only tell my kids not to forget that...and show them then how wet you get if you don't follow my advice. Good that they didn't see

Anyway, since it's so wet and dark outside, it's a purfect day for beading. Mike is at work, Melanie at school and Saskia in Melbourne. The doggies are thankfully still worn out...I don't feel like housework today - I feel like beading today.

Half beaded

I thought beading 1.556 beads would take AGES. However to my total and most pleasant surprise it flows nicely off the hand. I beaded yesterday evening quite a bit, went on today and bit quite a chunk out of it. 700+ beads are already attached.


Kelly said...

Now I really can't wait to see it finally done!

Desi said...

Oh, wow. That piece in incredible! I would be just sitting in sunshine if I had made that!

Chiloe said...

Yes, let's not be shy about it: rainy days are great days for stitchers (please, don't tell my kids !! lol )

I love to see chatelaine pieces and yours is one of my favorite !!!